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B2B Lead Generation: Vendors can connect with buyers looking for a service. Businesses can connect with vendors to save time and money.

Welcome to Resource Nation

Here at Resource Nation, we work hard to provide your business the resources to fulfill your needs. As a B2B Lead Generation Company, we like to look at ourselves as the business matchmaker, pairing the needs of your company to the most qualified vendors. Since inception, we have expanded to match businesses with local and national pre-screened vendors in over 125 categories, from phone systems to credit card processing companies.

In addition to providing businesses with pre-screened vendors, Resource Nation also provides businesses with qualified customers actively looking for your service. Our company pre-screens each business that comes through and provides your company with detailed information and specifics about their project so you can close the deal quickly and gain a new customer. Along with our own direct marketing efforts, Resource Nation has aligned partnerships with large publishers like, Inc., and Allbusiness to name a few driving the most qualified prospects to your business. In the past three years, we have been able to flourish in a tough economy because of our superior service in connecting qualified businesses with pre-screened vendors, resources, and advice necessary to make informed decisions. The services we provide to businesses are 100% free. Vendors pay us for the opportunity to compete for your business each time we match them to a qualified business.

Resource Nation helps businesses make intelligent purchasing decisions for the most competitive prices. Some of our most valuable resources include our price quoting engine, buyer guides, and blog. Our price quoting engine connects you with prescreened vendors that are an ideal fit for your particular needs. The engine will review your specific requirements, and vendors then will compete for your business.

Growing Your Business

The business dilemma, where to start and how to keep growing? Great ideas are only as great as their execution; and Resource Nation provides everything from buyers guides to business advice columns in hopes of facilitating the execution of your idea. We are continuously refining our articles to incorporate the latest and greatest information and tips. For startups and businesses that need to find a service quickly within a budget, Resource Nation makes available a one-stop shop for finding the services you need. Whether your company is looking for payroll services, or information on copiers, it’s all found on our site. Our step by step guides also are there to help your business put the next foot forward.

What Services Does Your Company Need?

Many companies spend hours looking through yellow pages or examining price quotes when they need to outsource. Businesses also typically pay for advice. Resource Nation connects you quickly to outsourcing services so you don’t have to spend the time looking for one. Common services that companies are looking for today include telemarketing companies, pos systems, document management software, postage meters, VoIP or Voice over IP phone systems for the office… just to name a few. We pride ourselves on offering solutions for a wide breadth of needs.

Are You in Need of Leads for Your Business?

If you are a vendor looking to increase sales leads, Resource Nation is at your side. Our ability to pre-qualify and screen each business looking for services make us one of the largest marketplaces for buyers and sellers to connect online. For more information, learn how to become a vendor.

Other Services

Resource Nation owns and operates many other web sites and helps publishers and other website owners monetize their site by offering the service to their visitors. If you are interested in providing this price quoting engine to your visitors, learn more about becoming an affiliate. We also own and operate a vendor comparison tool on VoIP Service to empower home owners and businesses with the right information to make smart choices.