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22 Different Free or Nearly Free Marketing Ideas

Written By: Stan Fine PhD

Marketing can be free or very cheap. Here's a quick checklist of 22 different free or nearly free marketing ideas.  

  1. Write, distribute, and publicize a free report 
  2. Cultivate relationships with media sources
  3. Use carefully written and appropriately distributed press releases that include solid information and are accompanied by a visual
  4. Write the right letters to the editor
  5. Organize and promote newsworthy events--and show media people why they're important to their audience
  6. Get your products or events previewed and reviewed in as many places as possible
  7. Get involved with community service activities (and let your skills be used)
  8. Publish articles--with full contact information and relevant credentials
  9. Self-syndicate an advice column to special-interest publications
  10. Take advantage of radio call-ins
  11. Sponsor or underwrite carefully targeted special-interest shows on radio and TV
  12. Donate premium prizes to media sources and charitable organizations
  13. Appear as a guest--or host!--on radio and TV shows
  14. Do as much public speaking as you can--to audiences that need what you offer
  15. Use the Internet to promote yourself through e-mail signatures, articles, Web sites and links, live conferences, and more
  16. Cross-promote with others, at every opportunity
  17. Use every free classified ad you can
  18. Write benefit-focused classified and direct mail copy that pulls in the reader and shows why you're performing a great service to him or her--s/he'll be so much better off with your offer that s/he'll be grateful for the chance to buy
  19. Focus your marketing on solving your prospect's problems, easing pain, or achieving aspirations--not on how great you are
  20. Use clear, persuasive testimonials--and attribute them so your prospects know these are real people
  21. Tell everyone what you do and how it helps people achieve their goals
  22. Actively encourage referrals

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