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3 Reasons You Need Event Insurance

Don't Risk the Costly Consequences of a Glitch or Accident

Organizing a special event can be stressful, whether it’s a trade show, awards ceremony, or wedding. You’ll invest a lot of time and money into making sure the event goes smoothly, but sometimes things happen that are outside of your control.

Cancellations, glitches, or accidents can end up costing you more than you’d like to shell out in damages. That’s why event insurance is a necessary expenditure whenever you’re planning a special occasion.

There are two types of insurance that covers events: cancellation/postponement insurance, and liability insurance. Purchasing one or both of these can help offset your financial losses should one of the following occur.

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If Your Event is Cancelled or Postponed

Event cancellation insurance covers you in case of an extreme situation that might cause you to cancel or postpone. These situations include severe weather, accident, or sudden illness, as well as military deployment or cancellation of military leave time.


  • Venues, caterers, and other event services charge a non-refundable deposit that they will keep even if your event is cancelled or postponed. Cancellation insurance coverage includes the loss of your rental deposits so that you can recover the lost funds.
  • It also covers any extra expenses incurred due to the cancellation or postponement of your event that are not included in the costs of your deposits.


If Your Event Suffers a Glitch

You hold your event, but the cameraman loses his memory card and a gust of wind knocks over a table of glassware. Even if your event isn’t cancelled or postponed, your event cancellation/postponement  insurance still covers you should any glitches occur. No-show vendors, lost photos, and damage to special attire that occurs during the event can end up costing you money later if you don’t have coverage.


  • Purchase coverage based on your total budget for the event. Coverage is often divided into sections allotted a certain amount of damages, so be sure to have a breakdown of your event budget handy when purchasing your insurance.
  • Your event insurance can also cover damages due to extreme weather, loss or theft of prizes or gifts, and many other occurrences.


If an Accident Occurs

Liability insurance covers damages due to accident or injury and protects you from being financially responsible for the accident. This insurance pays for repairs, medical costs, and other expenses that may be incurred during your event.


  • Many venues now require that you purchase liability insurance before renting their facilities.
  • Liability insurance is especially important should your event feature alcohol, as the presence of alcohol increases the risk of injury or accident at your event.
  • If you plan to serve alcohol, you may have to purchase a separate rider or additional coverage to your liability insurance. Check with your insurance company to make sure you are sufficiently covered for alcohol-related damages.


A lot of things can go wrong during your event, but they don’t have to ruin your special day. Special event coverage protects you against damages and financial loss. Rather than waste your time worrying, the right insurance can let you can concentrate on enjoying yourself and making your event a success.

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