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5 Ways to Boost Your SEO Rankings with a Blog

5 tips for SEO Friendly Blogging

Written By: Nicole McCullum

 There are two parts to search engine optimization, on site optimization, which incorporates the keywords that you would like to get found online for in key places throughout your website. This also helps you get rank for your keywords in search engines, depending on how competitive your keywords are, on site optimization may just be enough to get you a first page placement.

The second part, to helping you get a first page ranking is off page optimization which includes building links to your site, you see each new link is a vote of confidence in your site and the more votes you have the higher your rankings. There are several ways to build links to your website, such as getting listed in directories, exchanging links with other websites, submitting article to article directories, but these can all be a bit tedious and time consuming for the small business owner who would rather do it themselves rather than pay someone or in some cases if you don’t have the budget.

Here in lies the power of adding a blog to your website.

 Add Another Link: Each new posting new blog post adds another link to your website. You can post as often as you like on your own with a blogging platform such as wordpress, which is very easy to use.
Add Additional Pages: Each new blog post adds another page to your website, the more pages your website has the more it is regarded as an authority, this leads the search engines to give your blog priority over others on the same topic with less pages.
Add More Keywords & Tags: With each new blog post you can add more keywords and tags to your blog post which also is a part of your website, giving you the opportunity to link those keywords to other pages on your website, which is referred to as in linking and this also gives your website a boost for seo.
Automatic SEO: Blog pages are automatically optimized with a platform such as word press and this is another backdoor to driving traffic to your website
Drive Backlinks: Blogs are a great way to create buzz on social media and social bookmarking sites. Use your blog to drive valuable backlinks to your website
All in all, you can save a great deal when it comes to search engine optimization by simply adding a blog to your website and creating pages on your own, even if it’s just a couple per week of at least 300 words.

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