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5 Ways to Find Out More About your Consumers

The shift in marketing over the years has made it much more important to know what your customers think.

Written By: Jennifer Williams

Marketing and advertising used to be all about convincing people to buy what you had to offer them, but now it's all about giving your customer what they already want. It's a slight shift, but an important one.

It's much harder to convince someone they need something when they have never thought about it before. But if they are already need something, all you have to do is find out what it is they need and give it to them—no convincing involved.

The real question now is, "How do I find out what my customers want?" You can't sit down and have coffee with every single one of them, but you can get a better idea of what they want with these following suggestions.

1. Get in Their Shoes
To begin, you really have to try and imagine the world from the point of view of your customer. If you have some demographic stats, this will be a little easier. Think about who your customers are, where they come from, what they want out of life, and what they are willing to do to get it.

Once you're in that mindset, it's easier to see your product and brand from your customer's point of view.

2. Use Their Words
Google can be used to find out what words people use to find your products and services. Go to Google's AdWords keyword tool and you can enter keywords relating to your product or service. Google will then give you a whole list of words that people use to find similar products and services, along with the popularity of those words.

When you know what words people are using to find you, you can capitalize on them and bring more people to your site.

3. Let Them Speak
Open up a comments section on your website. Letting people leave notes to you and other site visitors will give you a good idea of who is visiting your site and what they think about it.

That's extremely valuable information if you want to see your products from your customers' point of view. You can use that information to make your products better.

4. Follow Their News
Follow news related to your product or find out what your customers are reading and follow the same sources. Set up RSS feeds and Google Alerts and follow Twitter feeds containing your keywords.

When you know the information and news that your customers are reading, you'll better understand their mindset.

5. Ask Them
It never hurts to ask. You can easily implement online survey software on your website to ask direct and simple questions to your site visitors and get honest feedback. It's surprising how much feedback you can get from such an easy-to-use service.

Overall, when you can better understand what your customers want, you'll know what you need to give them, and you'll be able to tailor and improve your products and services to fit their needs.

Start looking at the world through your customers' point of view today.

Jennifer Williams is a writer, turned traveler, turned blogger, who is slowly slinking her way into the social media and blogging landscape. You can follow her (extremely) new Twitter accoun

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