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5 Ways to Tweet Effectively For Your Business

Modern Day Marketing on Twitter

Written By: Mike Barbre

In the modern economy, marketing makes or breaks a business.
Luckily for the modern business, social networking has so developed that a
business can easily take advantage of widespread marketing opportunities
without any cost at all. What in previous eras would have been a significant
piece of the budgeting puzzle is now an easy source of visibility for savvy

Twitter is the massive online social networking tool invented in 2006 and
now drawing over two hundred million users and growing. It allows the user
to communicate a brief idea or concept in 140 characters or less. For
individual users, it's a good way to keep in touch with friends and
associates. But for businesses, it's a sleek and efficient way of staying in
touch with a customer base.

Here are five ways to maximize your use of Twitter and best advance your

1. Tweet often
The standard user has a home page that shows a string of recent tweets. That
user may or may not scroll through all of them to see the last thing you had
to say. Make sure to tweet often, at least daily or even multiple times a
day so followers know you're invested in reaching your audience.

2. Use Twitter as an onramp to your website
Routinely use an enticing tweet alongside a link to your website. For
instance, you might tweet "Best idea we've had yet?" and then a link to your
site, which makes it necessary for the reader to click to your site to find
out what the idea is. If your site is enticing and has multiple appealing
types of information, you've probably just attracted a Twitter user to
browse your site.

3. Keep your personal and professional accounts separate

Keeping your professional and personal life seperate is important for
Twitterers. Potential customers and partners don't want to see that part of
your life, and it could potentially impact your business relationship. It is
also benefecial to refrain from anything controversial on your personal account.
4. Interact with other Twitter users
Comedian Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo) has 1.1 million followers on
Twitter, and part of the appeal of his site is that he routinely interacts
with followers. In fact, in any given day, most of his tweets are
communications with specific people. This gives every follower the sense
that he might be reading their communications and may potentially respond.
Businesses want to communicate the same sensitivity, that they are in touch
and personal, and that customers have direct access to someone on staff who
might reply. This will drive up the customer fan base.

4. Familiarize yourself with Twitter-speak
Make sure you know all the many ways that Twitter works. Do you know how to
refer to someone so that they'll see your reference? Do you know how to use
a hashtag to create a topical trend? Can you create lists of specific
subsets of your customers so as to pull up a specific audience when you need
it? Twitter actually has a useful set of functions which nonetheless are few
enough in number so as not to become overwhelming.

5. Try to be pithy
The more tweets you post that are either funny, witty or wise, the more
likely your followers are to retweet them, meaning that they take your post
and send it out to all of their own followers with your name attached. This
broadens your impact many times.

Using Twitter as an integrated part of a marketing strategy is pragmatic,
cost-effective, makes sense, and fun!

MIke Barbre is a social media professional and technology enthusiast. When
he's not using Intermedia's Hosted Exchange, he can be found following
Intermedia on Twitter and as a fan of Intermedia on Facebook.

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