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6 Ways to Limit Legal Liabilities with Video Surveillance

Cameras Go Beyond Fighting Theft

Written By: R. Bragg

Many companies use video surveillance systems (VSS) to deter or catch theft and other criminal activity. What many businesses fail to realize is that this is not the only benefit of video surveillance; in many cases it may not even be the primary benefit of video surveillance. There are many potential liabilities that business owners and executives should worry about including liabilities related to employee injuries, customer injuries, employee and customer complaints, and damage to property, just to name a few. Here are seven ways, video systems can limit liabilities for a company of any size:

  1. Contradict Employee Complaints - Whether it's complaints about safety, working conditions, supervisors, customers, vendors, etc., the information you can retrieve from a VSS can be used to resolve the situation and ensure there are no further problems or complaints. It can also be used to lower employee injuries by providing a method review of employee conduct and by enforcing safety policies.
  2. Third Party Injuries - Injuries to customers or other individuals at a business can result in a direct liability to the business. The end result can include insurance claims or lawsuits. VSS can be used to verify injury claims by third parties and eliminate false claims. It can also be used to verify exactly what happened and to what extend the person(s) was injured.
  3. Property Damage - VSS can be used to review and verify any property damage claims. In cases where there is actual property damage, VSS can help verify the extent of the damage at the time it occurred. Claims for property damage incurred at a business location can result in lawsuits, payouts or increased insurance premiums.
  4. EEOC Claims - EEOC claims can have a major impact on business operations. EEOC claims often result in payouts or lawsuits that can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. VSS can help verify or contradict activity that is claimed in EEOC-type claims such as discrimination and sexual harassment.
  5. Customer Service Complaints - VSS can be used to verify or contradict the activity claimed in customer complaints. Audio may be used in conjunction with video surveillance so that the interaction between customers and employees can be reviewed. This information can then be used to determine a proper course of action to ensure customer satisfaction.
  6. Safety and Policy Enforcement - VSS can be used to monitor and/or review employee activity to enforce safety policies and other company policies involving employee activity.

VSS ensures a productive and safe work environment that can help a company with factual account data for various situations, not just for criminal theft.

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