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Accurately Target Your Customers with Online Marketing

Written By: Editorial Staff
One of the most powerful aspects of online marketing is the ability to target - with a tremendous degree of accuracy - your chosen demographic. The web affords countless premier opportunities to speak to /"your people, /" but which ones are the best? Here is a quick review of online marketing types that will help you reach your core demo.

Banner advertising. New technologies have given the online the advertiser amazing customization capabilities when it comes to banner advertising. Advertisers now have the ability to have their banner ads appear on pages devoted to certain types of content. So if you are selling teddy bears, you can have your ad appear on a site only when it is presenting an article on the teddy bear industry. You can also zero in on geographical targets (or "geo-targeting"). By tracking the IP address of the user, you can have ads appear before those in a location you are targeting. Targeting has breathed new life into the traditional banner advertising industry.

Pay Per Click. The most significant new force in online marketing, Pay-Per-Click (or "PPC") allows you to create a small text ad, and then have that ad appear on screen when the user is searching on keyword relating to your business. Google and its AdWords program is currently the leader in this space, with Yahoo! and Microsoft in second and third place respectively. With PPC, your ad appears in the Sponsored Links section of the search results page.

Organic Search. The remainder of the search results page is made up of organic or "natural" search results. These listings are generated based on the HTML tags and relevant content found in a website. By specifically tailoring these elements, a company can focus on particular audiences in a similar fashion as PPC.

These three online marketing methods represent some of the most prominent and cost effective ways that businesses are using the web to hit their demographic with laser-like accuracy.

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