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Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

Written By: Ryan Driscoll

Reduced Fuel Costs
Reduce fuel costs by eliminating wasteful idling, speeding, and unauthorized usage.

Improve Productivity
You will know exactly what your drivers are doing and where they are, 24-hours a day.

Mobile Access
Manage your fleet via mobile device and receive alerts when you are on-the-go.

Bill Customers More Accurately
Reports provide data to determine and prove the exact amount of time to bill.

Improve Response Times
Dispatch or message the closest driver every time via SMS or Garmin nuvi device.

Improve Fleet Safety
Drivers are more responsible when they know their activity is being recorded. In case of an emergency, their whereabouts can be determined immediately.

Cut Fleet Size & Costs
Utilization reports help you properly allocate your assets to avoid purchasing new vehicles.

Insurance Discount
Installing a GPS fleet tracking system can help lower your insurance rates by up to 15%.

Theft Recovery
Alerts and maps help you to proactively identify the theft of a vehicle and locate it.

Reduce Labor Costs
Dispatch more efficiently, ensure driver accountability, and verify hours worked.

Greener Fleet
Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating idling and inefficient driving behaviors.

Extend Fleet Life
A diagnostic device provides remote DTC alerts to ensure you are aware of engine problems. Also receive alerts for scheduled maintenance.


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