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Building A List: How To Force Other People To Help

Building your own list can be challenging process that many newbies to the internet marketing world struggle with...

Written By: Richard Adams

Typically, the advice on list building focuses on such items as article marketing and setting up a blog with a signup form on it. And these things will certainly work once you figure out what you are doing.

The problem is that you're doing all the work. You're writing the articles, submitting them online, building the blog, creating blog posts and linking them altogether. This can take some time and slow down your results though if you have the aptience they will all work.

What I want to talk to you today about though is turning things on their head by getting other people to help you build your list rather than doing it all by yourself. Even better, I'm not talking about doing any expensive advertising or buying a co-op list. I'm talking 100% honest, simple list building where you only pay your helpers on their results when you've made a profit from their efforts. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it does kind of cound like that I will agree but stick with me because hopefully the truth will back me up and all will become clear for you. .

How to get other people to help build your own list that you can profit from for years to come? Quite simply by creating your own product and sllowing other people to promote it via an affiliate program. Now right now you may be thinking that creating your own product and learning to sell it is a complicated way to build your list but there are a few things you need ot be aware of.

Firstly, actually creating your own ebook and then selling it online is not only quite easy these days but it is also very reasonably proced. As an example, you can be set up with your own credit card processing account with affiliate software built in for a one-off payment of just $50. Besides that all you need to do is to register a domain name, order hosting and, if you want, order some ebook graphics.Your own product can easily be created in a few weeks for a cost of no more than $100 if you're willing to put your heart into it.

But things get better. Because once you have your own product launched of course, you have a very good chance of earning consistent profits from it. By having your own affiliate program, other webmasters will promote your website for you and they will take a commission on every sale that they generate.But even better, of course, if you have your opt in form for your mailing list on that site, even if the leds you are being sent don't buy anything, you will still be be building your list - virtually on autopilot.

So creating your own product may take some effort, but once it is done, you only need ot do minimal work to keep your list growing, in contrast to doing it the "old way" which requires constant effort if you are to grow your results over time.

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