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Business Benefits of Remote Access Computing

How It Works and What It Does

Written By: Alicia Haines Davis

Giving employees the ability to access their work computer from another location is becoming increasingly common. And it's no surprise. Businesses of all sizes are realizing the plethora of benefits that come from enabling remote access computing within their organization, including:

  • Increased worker satisfaction: It's a dream of many with a day job - having the ability to work from home. And by taking advantage of remote access computing, companies can allow their employees to work part or full-time from their own homes. Employees see working from home as a privilege, not as a right. Businesses can use this remote access as an incentive to offer current employees as a reward for a job well done, or to offer potential employees as a perk;the perk that may make their decision to accept your offer a bit easier. Additionally, studies have shown that not only does worker satisfaction increase when workers are permitted to work remotely, but productivity increases as well. Workers who are in a home environment can often avoid the distractions inherent in an office environment and, as a result, tend to get more done in the same amount of time.
  • Decreased office costs: Employees who are working in your office have a variety of needs. Sure, they need computers; but they also need parking spaces, air conditioning, a break room, electricity, a water cooler and more. Businesses that let employees work remotely, even part of the time, are reducing office overhead costs.
  • Boosted business resilience: A freak snowstorm, or a strike that brings public transportation to a halt. In the face of a weather situation or any other disruption, companies that make use of remote access computing can ensure that the show goes on. Even if employees cannot physically make it into the office, they can still ensure that deadlines are met and deals are closed.
  • Constant access to the info you need: It's happened to all of us;business is booming, and you leave the office late Friday evening with full intentions of getting some work done over the weekend. On Saturday morning when you fire up your laptop, you realize that you have version 1.3 of the Smith file, and you need to work on version 1.5 - the version that's on your computer back at the office. With remote access computing, you and your employees will always have access to the important files, emails, contacts, and other information that resides on your office PC. In the aforementioned example, all you would need to do is access your office computer remotely and grab the correct file, or even make the changes that you need to make on your desktop via your remote connection.
  • Increased ability to react quickly: Wouldn't it be nice if servers only crashed on a weekday or if clients were only allowed to have a crisis between the hours of 9AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday? Unfortunately, the business world doesn't work like that. And it only takes one instance of being unprepared for a company to suffer painful ramifications.

Remote access computing allows business staffers including the IT department, senior management, and sales and marketing staff, to react quickly in the face of any situation. Is the client having a meltdown and your account manager stuck in an airport in Dallas? No problem. They can log on remotely and identify the file the client needs to solve his crisis and save the situation.

Remote access computing is being adopted by all kinds of businesses. Because it allows employees to react more quickly, provides 24/7 access, decreases costs, and increases worker satisfaction and business resilience, expect it to continue to grow in popularity.

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