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Enterprise Postage Meters: The Details

Postage meters can save valuable time and money - get all the facts here before purchasing yours.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, US marketers send more than 90 billion direct mail items per year. Imagine if every one of those items was addressed and stamped by hand? Not only would businesses lose exorbitant amounts of money paying mail room clerks – but they would also miss out on the convenience and cost savings of utilizing an enterprise postage meter system.

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Enterprise postage meters provide several valuable conveniences for large businesses. They automatically address, weight, stamp, and sort outgoing mail, drastically reducing the amount of staff needed to process your company mailings. More complex postage machines can even fold and stuff envelopes during the metering process – automating a process that would otherwise take up much of your mail room staff’s time. They save money by ensuring that exact postage is paid every time – and helps businesses qualify for lower bulk mailing rates.

Saving Monday with a Postage Meter

Many people estimate the required postage for an individual mailing – and often overcompensate to ensure that the piece makes it to its destination. While each instance may only cost a few cents more, those pennies can add up when companies send out hundreds or thousands of items through the mail. However, when each mailing is run through a meter, you can be sure that you are paying the exact postage required for each piece, and not a penny more.

With a bulk mailing permit acquired from the local post office, your business can meter, organize, and send out your direct mail items at a lower rate than regular mail. Furthermore, since all of your mail is already metered, the post office requires less time and effort to process it – meaning your business mail arrives at its final destination faster than regular mail. Do you need to send registered mail, or request mail tracking or delivery confirmation? The postage meter handles all of these functions, and many more, precluding the need to bring individual mail pieces to the counter at the post office.

Other Important Details

In combination with a postage scale, your meter can weigh outgoing packages and allow you to choose your preferred shipping method and rate. The packages are addressed and metered, just like your regular mail, and then picked up by your mail carrier at a time most convenient to you.

When you acquire a postage meter for your business, you can either set it up to automatically deduct the cost of postage from your bank account, or set up an alternate account into which you can regularly infuse funds. Concerned about misuse of company postage? By instituting password-protection on your meter’s software, you can track postage spending by function, department, or individual employee. This not only reduces the instance of mail fraud – it also helps you plan each department’s future postage budget more accurately.

The benefits that postage meter systems bring to enterprise businesses are innumerable. They reduce time spent on processing mail, and make it easier to save money on postage and track how each department and employee uses your business’s postage funds. 

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