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Grocery Store Marketing - Simplifying your Business

From brand names to generic products, marketing your business comes down to effective designing.

Written By: DeMayne Earvin

 In the late 80's and early 90's grocery stores did away with the generic food aisles in their stores but they didn't do away with generic foods, they just started marketing the products better.

When I was younger I vividly remember the generic food aisle in our local grocery store. I remembered how terrified I was that I might be seen in the aisle by one of my classmates passing by. I didn't understand that a pretzel is a pretzel, or that Frosted Flakes were the same as Sugar Coated Corn Cereal even if they didn't have a tiger on the box. I was definitely to young to know that the Kellogg's brand made both Frosted Flakes as well as the generic sugar coated competitor.

Today you can still find the cheaper generic brands in grocery stores, but the you won't find an aisle filled with black and white generic packaging.

It is much harder to tell the difference between a formidable brand and the cheaper generic. Brands like Kellogg's to this day still make sugar coated cereal, and a pretzel is still a pretzel, but the generic packaging is now visually pleasing making it sell. This is the power of good design.

It's no longer embarrassing to buy the cheaper brand because it looks just as good, taste just as good, so it must be just as good. The playing field has been leveled through the power of marketing and design. Even small grocery stores like Aldi's and Save-A-Lot now flourish. Could you imagine how bad business would be for them if their stores were filled with black and white generic products. Because of design, now smaller, less known brands are now competing for shelf space in grocery stores. Your business can do the same in your industry through smart marketing and design.

Whether you are an insurance company or a small clothing boutique you can level the playing field and compete with more well known brands, but you have to establish yourself as a brand. You must have a good logo, great marketing media (business cards, brochures, website) and you have to build awareness about your products and services by getting as much exposure as you can.

Cheap shouldn't mean cheap looking. Build your brand and establish yourself as a competitor. By properly establishing your brand, you'll take a lot of guess work out of marketing. You can then focus on other important things like customer service and support to begin taking your share of the market.


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