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How To Avoid 6 Tricks When Searching For Business Long Distance

Written By: Van Theodorou

Have you been searching for business long distance rates? Confused by what you see online?  I have decided to give you some basic tips so I have prepared a list of 6 marketing ploys that you may encounter when looking online for long distance.

1. Be aware of billing tricks. Inquire about the billing increment the company uses.

A lot of instances a $.03 rate will closer to $.05 or even higher because of their billing strategies. They will charge your call in 30 or 60 second increment, instead of the usual 18/6 billing. For example, if you called for a minute and 5 seconds, they'll make you pay either 1 minute and 30 seconds or 2 minutes. Apparently, they can easily increase your charges by 50-95 %. I have seen the after affects of this trick

2. Look out for sites that present a list of companies and their packages.

You can not only fall prey to the 60 second billing strategy but also you have to go through the  hassle of calling all the companies to check the best package for your company, which will take a lot of your time.

These sites are there to get you puzzled with their marketing ploys and pre-calculated rate computations thinking you will not bother to really check them out yourself, and just select what seems good. Let me tell you, what seems to appear good isn't always true. These sites benefit one goal and that is to get a referral commission out of you. They are not there to assist you in selecting a good package for your company. Moreover, these sites are just made by resellers and not the long distance companies you already know. . like AT&T, Qwest, Sprint and Verizon. It can be beneficial but you have to do some follow-ups. Should the reseller stop his business, this would also result to a stop in your long distance service.

This wouldn't affect you if your long distance access is not really important to you. Otherwise, you have to ask for a professional assistance in looking for a good and stable long distance company.

3. If you want a popular company, ATT, Verizon, Sprint or Qwest, be ready to interact with call center representatives.

You will have zero representation, they will not explain the best package for your company and you still need to contact their customer service when you have concerns or questions anytime. In my case, I've wasted precious time talking to inexperienced call center agents.

4. Be careful of the one size fits all type of plans.

If you don't get proper one on one attention, then there is no way a simple web form and/or wizard is going to give you an idea what is the best long distance plan for you. There are a lot of aspects that you need to consider, like the in-state against out-of-state calling, international, minutes needed for a voice t1, VoIP or SIP termination. With all these choices, it is unthinkable to trust one's telecom requirements to a website.

5. Is the site selling only business VOIP service?

If this is true, then you can assume that they do not have full understanding of a company's needs and telecom infrastructure. A lot of these sites focus more on the residential or the home business market, they just happen to be on the first Google page when you were browsing.

6. Sites that make you fill out a form.

You are led to believe that they will assist your needs. The forms are extensive and take forever to finish.

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