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How to Become a Possibility Thinker

Written By: John Jude O'Callaghan
"You Can If You Think You Can and You Can't if You Think You Can't!"

"There's an attitude that's conducive to success and one that's conducive to failure," says Sarasota author and entrepreneur, John Jude O'Callaghan. The one is Positive. The other is Negative.

Possibility thinking helps make possible that which is truly possible. Whereas Negative thinking makes even the smallest things seem impossible!

For instance, according to the Law of Aerodynamics, a bee cannot fly because its wings are too small to support its size and weight. But the bee doesn't know this and so it flies!

You know the story of how young David killed Goliath. When David saw how afraid everyone was of the giant Goliath, he said, "Why don't you fight him?" "He's too big to hit" they replied. And David said, "They way I see it, he's too big to miss!"

Success is an Attitude!

William James, professor of psychology at Harvard University once said, "The greatest discovery of my generation is that men, and women, can change their lives for the better, simply by changing their attitudes."

Our attitudes are based on what we think, and, since we have absolute power over what we choose to think, we have to be careful to think, "I can," rather than, "I can't."

When I first went into selling in the UK my sales to calls ratio was one in ten. Meaning, that for every sale I got, nine doors were slammed in my face. I remember seeing signs that said, "We shoot every tenth salesperson. The ninth has just left."

Every day I was afraid to make that first call. Before knocking on a door I used to take three deep breaths and think. "You are going to do this businessman a favor. When he hears what you have to offer, he will want to buy."

The reps who didn't adopt that positive attitude tended to stay in the coffee houses most of the day and failed as salesmen.

I remember my sales manager telling me, "We have a great incentive scheme here John. If you don't sell, you don't eat."

. I was hungry.

. I had a fire in my belly.

. I was desperate.

. I had to win.

. I had to survive.

. It was them or me.

. It was kill or be killed.

When you feel like that, you do what you have to do! And if Plan "A" doesn't work, you try Plan "B."

-Visualize the things you want, not what you don't want.

-Stop thinking negatively -- if that's what you habitually tend to do.

-Expect to succeed more than you expect to fail.

-Go out of your way to avoid miserable and negative-minded people.

Remember that when negative people start phoo-phooing your idea and telling you it's impossible and that it can't be done, what they really mean is that they can’t do it!

Practice makes perfect

After a while my sales presentations got better and my calls to sales ratio eventually jumped from one out of ten to one out of two!

Extracted from "How to Start-Up and Succeed in a Home-Based Money-Making Business" by John Jude O'Callaghan. http://www. More info:

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