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How to Get the Most From Your Business Coach

Written By: Editorial Staff
A business coach can be a valuable asset for your business. A coach can show you how to exploit your strongest characteristics - and really get your business moving in the right direction. But to get there, you're going to need a few tips on how to have the most positive, productive relationship with your business coach.

Be honest! How is your coach supposed to help you if you don't come clean about your problems? Consider all the time you spend talking to your coach as a /"safe zone./" Unburden yourself of the things that are really concerning you about your business so that your coach can help find solutions.

Know your goals. Face it, your coach is going to need a little more to go on than "I want to be in the Fortune 500!" Streamline your goals - then work with your business coach to craft a plan for attaining them.

Select a business coach with experience relevant to your business. If you run a chicken coop, then a business coach who once built an empire of chicken coops from scratch would be ideal. If a match that specific isn't available, try the next level up (in our example, a coach with farming experience).

Be comfortable with the cost. Concerns about costs can keep a relationship with a business coach from truly soaring. Make sure that you know how much you can spend on sessions with your coach and plan accordingly. Ask your coach about her rates for extra one-on-one time. Nasty billing surprises that arrive in the mail can hamper your future together.

A business coach can provide a fresh set of eyes from which to view your business. A good coach will use his or her expertise to identify opportunities you might have missed, show you how to make more while spending less, and most importantly rediscover the joy that got you to start your own business in the first place!

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