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How to Register the Perfect Domain Name

Written By: Editorial Staff
You've just come up with the most brilliant idea for a website and you want to register the domain name FAST before anyone else steals your idea. Here's a quick look at how to reserve a domain name in no time at all, and select a domain name that will generate tons of traffic.

The process is easy. Go to domain-registrar/web hosting company and type your proposed URL into the domain name search field. In about 3 seconds flat, you'll know whether or not the name you want is available, or has already been purchased by another party.

You can purchase the domain name using a major credit card. There are several terms available for your domain name (measured in years). Choose the one that best meets your budget and your business plan.

And as for selecting the perfect domain name -

Obviously, your first choice is going to be the name of your business. But if your business name is not available, or if you want a URL that really delivers a message about who you are, here are some things to consider:

Dos and don'ts for selecting your URL

Be descriptive. Be smart. If you are a dentist in Beverly Hills and is available, buy it and use it instead of your own name or the name of your practice.

Do not attempt to be overly cute with your domain name. Plays on words are fun for a while. But over the long haul, they lose their luster. Remember, you are going to be stuck with this domain name for years - and it will be featured prominently in all your marketing materials. Choose wisely!

Do not use an inside joke, or nonsense word. Unless are you committed to building a brand using an undefined word (Google, Yahoo!, etc.) then stick to the basics.

Do not /"borrow liberally/" from your competitors. The fad of transposing or purposely misspelling your competitors name and making it your own went down in flames and lawsuits five years ago.

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