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How to Use Telemarketing to Increase Sales

As business owners, we are always searching for cost-effective ways to reach as many potential clients as possible. Oft forgotten in this discussion...

Written By: Editorial Staff
As business owners, we are always searching for cost-effective ways to reach as many potential clients as possible. Often forgotten in this discussion is the use of telemarketing as a way to boost leads and increase sales. Here are some of the most powerful ways a telemarketing program can help your business.

Disseminating Information
When a telemarketer calls a potential lead, there is more the caller can do for you than just attempt to close a sale. If the customer is not interested in buying your product, the call is still a great way to get more information about your company into their hands. By simply asking for an email address or mailing address, the telemarketing representative can open up a new channel of communication between you and your target.

Telemarketing programs offer an incredible opportunity to up-sell customers to more expensive products or additional terms of service. Say you have 10,000 customers with product "X," but you would prefer that all had the deluxe version, product "Y." You can give a telemarketing company the sole directive of getting these customers to upgrade - and enhance your profits in the process.

Customer Retention
If you are seeing people "drop off" as customers of your business, telemarketing is a proven method for getting them back. Telemarketers can call customers who are about to leave, or have already left, and give them a compelling pitch or special offer to get them to stay.

Promoting Special Offers
If you've got a special discount or new product to promote, a telemarketing program is the perfect way to reach out to customers already in your database. It's a great way to generate revenue from the people who know you best - your existing customers!
Working with a professional telemarketing copy takes a lot of the headaches and guesswork out of the process. These companies are experts at knowing what to say to a customer in order to get great results.

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