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How to Write a 56 Page E-Book in Only 7 Days

Written By: John Jude O'Callaghan
If I know the subject or have done the necessary research, I can usually write about 8 pages a day.

I never, ever suffer from writer's block and here's why:

I set a timer ($3 from Target) for 30 to 60 minutes. When it rings I stop writing and take a 5 or 10 minute break. I get up, stretch, walk about, have tea or do something that's not connected to writing.

Even though I am not consciously thinking about the topic I am writing about, my subconscious mind is. And, as soon as I resume writing the things it has been working on below the surface, pop up and into consciousness.

I never attempt to write anything until I have a working title

I begin by Brainstorming. I take a blank sheet of paper and use it as a visual dump for every possible title that comes into my head--no matter how crazy or off-beat it may seem.

I am looking for quantity--not quality. I aim for 50 titles. I reduce my list to what I think are the three best titles. I show these to friends whose judgment I value, and ask for their opinion.


I select a couple of keywords from the proposed title and search what's already available at Amazon.Com

I usually buy two or three best sellers - as part of my research - and to see what I have to compete with and improve on.

Keyword Search at Google.Com

I also do a keyword search on Google to see the number of times a particular keyword was searched in the last 30 days.

The objective is not to write about what interests me, but to see what topics other people are searching for.

Then I may try to include one or more of the Keywords that got the most hits on Google in my working title.

Making a Template

The next thing I do is to handwrite my title in the center of a sheet of paper and draw a circle around it. Then I draw a line from the circle to the edge of the paper and I write a chapter heading and circle it.

I draw another line, write another chapter heading at the end and circle that too. I go on adding chapter headings until I am unable to think of any more.

More often than not, I end up with seven chapters. My template sketch looks like a big balloon with seven smaller balloons attached.

Then I number each chapter heading in critical order of importance. That gives me a one page template which is in fact a visual. .

Master Plan of my Book

The interesting thing about naming the chapters in advance is that unlike writing fiction, I don't have to begin at the beginning. I can start working on any chapter I choose. I can even break off in the middle if I need to do some more research, and start on any other chapter.

The Direct Response Sales Letter

Here's a really hot tip: Before I write a single word of the book, I write the sales letter or web page copy that will sell the book!

In the sales letter I get wildly enthusiastic about my book and include a list of bulleted buyer benefits

The reason I write the actual sales letter before I write the book is because it serves as a reminder to include all the great emotional and practical benefits I promised in my enthusiastic-sounding sales letter.

E-books need to be short with no fluff or padding

Irrespective of the topic, I suggest you think in terms of 7 pages to a chapter and no more than 8 chapters-giving you a 56 page book.

The best selling price is between $7 and $97.

I have seen e-books with over 450 pages! That's much too long! E-book readers are in a heck of a hurry. 100 pages are about the limit of their attention span!

A question and answer format is a great way to teach

It also helps keep readers interested. Hot tip: Try to put myself in the shoes of a newbie and ask yourself the kind of questions an absolute beginner might ask.

Follow my simple step-by-step guidelines and not only will you succeed in eliminating writer's block for ever, I am betting that you too will be able to churn out a how-to e-book on any topic in only 7 days!

Writing the e-book is easy. The hard part is selling it.

You should make it your business to read books on selling, advertising and copywriting.

I recommend any of Dan Kennedy's or Ted Nicholas' books. I highly recommend Lenny Eng's great book, "Confession of a Copywriter," and also my own e-book, "Advertising and Copywriting Secrets Revealed."

Extracted from: "How to Write and Publish a 56 Page E-book in Only 7 Days- Guaranteed." More info:

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