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How You Benefit from Upgraded Practice Software

Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and your practice needs to keep up

Practice management software controls the day-to-day functions of your medical practice. From the appointment schedule to billing and insurance, from patient demographic to monthly reports, all your office’s processes are organized within your practice software.

But are you getting the most out of your current software? Consider the following upgrades to integrate your office systems and increase the efficiency of your front- and back-end processes.

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You Can Access the Cloud

Traditional PMS systems for small to medium-sized medical offices utilized desktop-only or client-server software. Desktop-only software is limited to a single computer with only a few users that share access. Client-server software is maintained on a dedicated server within the office and enables multiple computers and individuals to access the data at the same time.  

New cloud-based software saves your practice time and money by outsourcing all the responsibility for hosting, upgrading, and maintaining your practice management software to an online providers. Relieving your office of the burden of these responsibilities enables them to be more efficient and spend more time on what’s important – your patients.


  • Avoid the cost of procuring, running, and running security on a dedicated server by upgrading your PMS to internet-based software. Stored in the cloud, your practice’s data is protected from power outages, security risks, and server failure.
  • Cloud-based software automatically updates according to changing industry requirements, HIPPA regulations, and the codes and rules necessary for effective coding and billing.


You Can Integrate Services

In recent years your practice has been inundated with new regulations and requirements for creating and maintaining electronic medical records. EMR enables physicians, pharmacists, and other medical professionals to access a patient’s medical history quickly and efficiently. EMR cuts down on transcription errors, treatment delays, and wasted time and money.

Traditionally, many medical offices utilized different vendors for their EMR and PMS systems, making it necessary to transition from one interface to the other when dealing with patient care issues. Integrating your EMR and PMS systems can increase the efficiency of your office by providing a single interface for office and patient management.


  • Combining medical records and practice management systems into a single holistic piece of software connects your patient charts to your billing processes, saving your office from coding mistakes and insurance company hassles.
  • Integrating all of your office’s functions into one system helps you maintain the security of your patient’s information, enable easy and flexible reporting, and help you view your patients’ entire health care history in a way that is consistent and easy to follow.


Transitioning your office to upgraded practice software can help your practice save money while increasing efficiency. Cloud-based and integrated systems make it easy for physicians, nurses, and office staff to navigate their patients’ history and information. It reduces the chance of human error in both records and reporting, and saves your office time and aggravation so that you can concentrate on what you do best: helping your patients feel better.

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