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Increasing conversions will give you the keys to the Kingdom

Written By: Greg Gaskill
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Web analytics is the new buzzword in marketing that takes the complex formulations of website construction, layout and constant content updates and determines how to make improvements to the process. It requires vigilant monitoring and testing to determine how any changes affect traffic conversions, and can ultimately determine if those changes affect the bottom line.

Everyone talks about search engine optimization or SEO, what affects it and how it has an impact on the website. Search engines use an evolving algorithm to determine rankings, and they don't publish what exactly it is they are looking for. However, after years of research, there are several common factors that web publishers have learned have a direct effect on search engine rankings. Direct links from other sites, design factors, traffic to the site are among the factors but the number one thing that affects how your site will appear in the top of search requests is content. Content is key on the internet, and fresh, continually updated information that keeps traffic pouring back in, and provides useful relevant knowledge so that other websites will link to the page will lock in a spot at the top. The spiders used by search engines will index a site and if there's no movement, if the page is static and no one is visiting, it lowers the results. It's almost a catch twenty two of the web, but you need traffic to get more traffic.

However, you need the right kind of traffic, and you need to convert those visitors into sales or opt-ins depending on the purpose of your site. If you have one hundred visitors to your site and only three end up buying something from you or signing up, you have a three percent conversion ratio. You are paying for ninety seven visitors, if you are buying traffic that just eat up your budget. If you can increase the conversion ratio through several methods, you just saved some of your budget. If you could rank higher in search engine returns due to fresh content and design, that organic traffic is free. If other sites link to yours and send you visitors, that traffic is free. And if you could convert an additional three visitors into opt-in subscribers to a newsletter, RSS feed, or some method of trading their contact information for a giveaway like an eBook, you have doubled your conversion rate. Those three opt-in subscribers may become future customers, if your free product satisfies, and if you give away good information, and if your content is fresh, and useful. If you are selling a one hundred dollar product and you can increase conversions by one to three orders for the same marketing cost, you are adding one hundred to three hundred dollars to your bottom line.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration for SEO optimization, factors that can be measured, tested, and changed to be tested again. Those factors include layout, design, content, even pictures. Each individual portion of a webpage can be changed and tested to determine the best response and conversion rates. ItÂ’s a time consuming process that borders on art over science, with elements of design, creativity and of course, useful informative content that is fresh and timely all taken into consideration. Business owners who recognize a time for value proposition know that working with a professional company of experts can get it right the first time and put you on the path to higher conversion ratios faster. A professional online marketing company can do better quality in a shorter amount of time, and virtually eliminate the learning curve. By increasing conversions, they increase profits, which makes investing in your website by using a professional is a solid investment.

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