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Just Got a Website Design, but You're Unhappy with your Website's Performance?

Diagnose the Problem by checking your visitor traffic - what pages are they looking at and where are they coming from.

Written By: Nicole McCullum
 Business owners such as yourself, are all very aware of the importance of getting a business website design; however you often fail to take the necessary steps needed to ensure that your new website design produces a return on investment.
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to tracking your website’s statistics. Over the past few years I’ve literally become addicted to Google Analytics, I have also tried other paid services such as  or even the stats that your web host provides, but by far Google Analytics gives you the most bang for your bucks – it’s free, and it has everything that you need to figure out where your website stands.
I’m sure that you’re familiar with the old saying, if you’ve always done the same old thing, then you’ll get the same old results. That is precisely why you need to get a firm understanding of the activities that happening on your website, so that you can change course if things are not going well, once you are armed with the information. You should be able to answer the following questions about your website:
How many visitors is my website getting? By adding Google Analytics or another website tracking tool to your website, you will be able to identify how many unique visitors your website is getting. Unique visitors are the individual amount of people that are visiting your website on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You will also be able to see whether there is a rise or fall in your website traffic from one period to a next. So let’s say one month you switch up your advertising and you see a rise or decline in traffic, chances are it can be directly associated with that campaign.
Where are they coming from? If you know where your website visitors are coming from, perhaps you can take action to increase the amount of exposure you get from that source. This is very important if you are doing online marketing, such as pay per click, search engine optimization, article marketing, affiliate marketing or other forms. Unlike print advertising you can measure whether or not the campaign is producing results or not and make the necessary adjustments .
How long are they staying on my Website and What Pages are they visiting? If you’re getting visitors to your website but they are only staying on the homepage and then leaving your website, there’s a term for this. It’s called your website bounce rate; you want to make sure that this number is low. 
Your website typically has a high bounce rate if it’s not giving your website visitors what they want or it’s difficult for them to get to the information that they need. This is why it’s very important that during your website design, you pay a lot of attention to how your website will function. Simple and consistent is always best, your website content also has a part to play with your website bounce rate, how well your website copy entices visitors the moment the hit the homepage is important.
How many visitors does it take to result in a lead or a sale? Google Analytics, actually allows you to set goals for your website. For example on Captivate’s website we have several forms, such as request a free quote, we are able to track our website conversion based on our marketing efforts each time someone fills out one of those forms. This can also work if you have an online store, and it will give you a pretty good idea on how many visitors it takes for you to get a lead or a sale. Just like in sales, you would know that you need a certain amount of leads per month to reach your sales goals; it’s the same with your website marketing strategy.
If you haven’t gotten a website design as yet, it’s best to plan your website marketing strategy ahead of time so that you can avoid some costly mistakes. Conducting research of what works and what doesn’t work for a business like yours on the web is important. Learning what the key essentials that are needs to be implemented during your website design are also instrumental in establishing a web presence that produces results.
For more information, please feel free to email us @ or call 877-877-4936.
Nicole McCullum is the founder of, a web design company, that provide small and mid-sized businesses with custom website design solutions that include business web design, ecommerce web design, graphic design and internet marketing. 

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