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The Need For Data Storage

Written By: Richard Daley


Small businesses lose billions of dollars each year due to data loss from hardware or system failure, human error and software corruption. Natural disasters account for one percent of all data loss. Although the probability is small, the impact can be overwhelming. In fact, companies that aren't able to resume operations within ten days of a disaster are not likely to survive.

In today's increasingly wired business world, the only way to recover from data loss due to a natural disaster is to store backup data in a physically separate location. There are companies that specialize in preserving documents on tapes and discs that are stored within other structures. Although they too are susceptible to natural disasters, these companies have helped to save numerous businesses where the damage has only been internal.

Another option that has been gaining attention recently has been to store files remotely. Once a service available only to large companies due to cost considerations, there are now several firms specializing in offering offsite data storage to small businesses. Such systems offer their clients the opportunity to store, archive and even authenticate their data over a remote network for less than $100 so that important files can be accessible even if the office is not.

Beyond the cataclysmic events that are covered literally 24 hours a day on the cable news networks, there are circumstances that can be equally damaging to a small business without ever making the front page of the local paper.

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