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Online Marketing for New Businesses

Written By: Simon Barnett

Simon Barnett is an online marketing analyst.  He also takes a keen interest in the world of business and personal finance. This is his first guest post for Resource Nation.

Online marketing provides entrepreneurs and new businesses with an opportunity to reach millions of potential customers without spending millions of dollars.
The Internet has levelled the playing field between large corporations and small new businesses. It also provides businesses with a more efficient and measurable way of spending their marketing dollars.

Reasons Online Marketing is Important

  • Extend reach. If the business is located in an area without much foot traffic, they will have an opportunity to increase sales by marketing to the national and international marketplace.
  • Attract locals. Locals may be searching online for the product or service information with plans to finalize the sale at a local store. Marketing online can help drive these potential customers to your location.
  • Offer discounts. Offer discounts without spending money on coupons or flyers. Online promotions can be virtually free by providing customers with a code to enter at check-out, or have the shopping cart program automatically calculate the discount without a code.
  • Gain followers. Social media sites are changing the way people think about businesses. Customers are now expecting to see their favorite businesses with a Facebook fan page or Twitter feeds for them to follow. They want to receive updates on new products, services, and specials. This is a free method for both the business and its fans to communicate in real-time.
  • Spend less. Marketing online can be significantly cheaper than offline forms of advertisements. For instance, a magazine ad can be thousands of dollars for the hope potential customers see it, yet ads on Google Adwords can cost only cents each time someone clicks.

Tips for Marketing Online
Take advantage of the free methods of marketing online first. Become a master of search engine optimization (SEO). Since most Internet users search online for answers to questions about products or services, you will want your website to appear on the top of the results.

If your business does not appear on the first page, then you can take advantage of Google Adwords to place an ad either above or to the side of the results. However, you will have to pay everytime someone clicks on your advertisement.

Another free way for marketing online is by using social media sits, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Registering to these sites is free and quick. Whenever someone follows your company on Facebook or Twitter, your business will appear on their profile for their entire network to see. It is also an efficient method of notifying your market of new products, promotions, contests, and updates.

Promote your business on prominent websites that your target market frequents. If the website does interviews or case studies, then contact them about doing an interview of your or a case study of your business.

Some websites or blogs also publish guest posts or articles, which can be a great way to show your expertise in an area to attract customers to your site.
If the site does not conduct interviews or take guests articles, then you can see if you can pay for an advertising spot on their website. In general, either you will have to pay per time someone clicks on your ad, or per time someone views the page that your ad is located.

Marketing Your Business Online
Including online marketing to your marketing strategy is a great way to extend your reach and further your marketing dollars. Take advantage of the free marketing methods and build your social media network with potential customers.


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