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Seven Steps to Getting New Business From Your Website

Tracking, Analyzing, and Appealing to Your Target Market

Written By: Nicole McCullum

 Step One:            Build a Website that Appeals to Your Target Market.

Have you ever been to a website, but because of the way it looks, you immediately close of the website or hit the back button and proceed to the next? Don’t let this happen on your website. 85% of your website visitors will make a judgment on whether or not they should do business with your company or take the next step by the impression that they get from your website.  Your website must look professional and credible and engage your visitors so that they are willing to spend more time on your website getting to know more about your services and what you have to offer. Here are some tips for making sure your website appeals to your target market, ensure that your website color sets a professional tone, choose images that will resonate with your target market, ensure that your website design is clean and easy to use, and most importantly make sure that the design looks professional, avoid template websites but if you don’t have a choice, make sure that the template looks professional.

Step Two:            Write Great Web Content.

After you have set the professional tone for your website visitors, the next step is for them to dig deeper into your website to learn more about your company, and the services you provide. All websites should have the following basic pages Home, About us, Services, Testimonials, Faqs, How We Work, Portfolio (if applies) and a multiply ways for your website visitors to contact you.  Your homepage should be an intro into what your company is all about, and it should highlight your company’s value proposition, what makes your company stand out or the benefits your company provides including a bulleted list of the services you offer, at least one testimonial and a clear call to action. Great website content should be written with the reader in mind with a strong focus on what you can do for the reader. Get your content right and you’ll be halfway to closing the sale.

Step Three:        Call Your Website Visitors To Action.

It’s extremely important to call your visitors to action and to do so often. A call to action is telling your website visitors what‘s the next step you would like them to take. Some common call to actions is Call us Now! Request a Free Estimate! Get a Free Quote! Request a Free Consultation. Schedule an Appointment Today! It’s also a good idea to include a promotion and create a sense of urgency in your call to action.

Step Four:           Add a Newsletter Sign up to Your Website.

Do you shop around before you make a final purchasing decision? This is where a newsletter comes in. Some prospects needs warming up before you can close the sale.  Offering a free subscription to your company newsletter is a great way to get at least the name and email address or as much a phone number, of someone who has visited your website,  who obviously has an interest in your services but may not be ready to contact you. A newsletter helps you to stay present of mind in front of these prospects by sending an email newsletter to them perhaps once a week. In order to increase your newsletter signup, add a privacy policy, letting your visitors know that you would not spam or share their information in any way.

Step Five:            Launch a Google Adwords Campaign.

Google is the top search engine that gets about two thirds of all web traffic, yahoo and msn (now Bing) are the other top two search engines. Launching a web marketing campaign makes a lot of sense because, it’s the first place people look when searching for products or services. The internet has literally replaced the yellowbook. It has the capacity to put you in front of people who are actively searching for your services at a time when they need it.  Launching a Google PPC campaign is the fastest way to climb to the top of the search engines, it will take you about 24 hours or less to setup a campaign and once you are all set and ready to turn on, you’re good to go.  Google allows you to bid on keywords that your prospects are using to search the internet for businesses like yours and even give you the opportunity to get in the top positions by increasing your bids.

Step Six:              Use Emails to Close the Sale.

Since you have prospective customers email in your possession. It’s a great resource for you to inform your prospects and send special offers to them. Perhaps they don’t need your services right now, but if you stay in front of them, you will be the one they think of first.  Sending useful information and tips regarding the service you provide, or special discounts can go a long way to building trust and credibility and helping you close the sale.

Step Seven:        Track, Analyze and Refine.

Marketing of any kind is a work in progress. In order to be successful and to maximize your return on investment, you need to continuously track and analyze what’s working for you and what’s not. Internet marketing has a great advantage to most traditional forms of marketing, because it allows you the ability to easily track where your website visitors is coming from, what keywords they are using to find your website, and what keywords are converting into leads. With this type of data in hand, you can easily refine your internet marketing campaign to focus on the top generating keywords, or focus your perhaps focus on marketing on one site over another based on which one is giving you better results. Google analytics, is a great tool that will help you acquire all the information you need by implement a few easy steps and most of all it’s free.


Nicole McCullum is the founder of, a web design company, that provide small and mid-sized businesses with custom website design solutions that include business web design, ecommerce web design, graphic design and internet marketing. 

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