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Small Business Resources You Should Know

Knowing where to get information is almost as important as knowing the information.

Written By: Nicolas D'Alleva

Managing a small business is a delicate balancing act.   The small business owner must wear several hats and play several roles in the success and operation of the business.  Often times an entrepreneur is doing the job of the bookkeeper, human resources, sales and customer service.  While often times these go getters feel like they are alone in their quest, there are several organizations that can help guide and navigate their way in the difficult jungle of the small businessman.

Small Business Administration
The Small Business Administration is an independent government agency geared towards the needs of the small business owner.  Small companies have in ally in this specialized agency.  The SBA is dedicated to protecting the interests of small businesses.  The organization ensures independent business people receive a fair share of government contracts.  It is also an excellent resource to ask questions for receiving grants and guidance for filling out the appropriate paperwork

The IRS is an excellent resource that can guide the small business owner through the maze of government rules and regulations.  The Internal Revenue Service can provide access to services and resources to help you start, grow, and succeed in business.  While many fear the IRS, it is an excellent tool to know exactly what you need to operate the way that is needed.

Industry Associations
There are countless industry specific associations that are geared towards helping members survive and thrive.  These industry organizations can be for such specific things as funeral directors. ,Home care agencies,, and plumbing .   Regardless of what the industry, there is an association that is there for the business owners of that industry. 

Local Chamber of Commerce
These organizations conduct social and business events.  At these events business owners can socialize and develop relationships.  Chambers can provide opportunities for businesses to give back to the community.  Members of these Chambers can capitalize on significant member benefits.  Being involved in a chamber, especially in participating in the leadership, raises a business owner’s recognition.  In addition the chamber can provide visibility and credibility-- a necessary resource to grow your business.

Nicolas D'Alleva is the owner of Specialty Answering Service, a nationwide doctors answering service that caters to both large and small medical offices. Specialty provides their medical call center service as an afterhours answering service as well as a business hour service.

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