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Tips for Conducting a Successful Telemarketing Campaign This Holiday Season

Plan, Get Creative, and Execute

Written By: Shannon Suetos

It’s official—the holiday season is now in full swing. With holiday gift ideas, decorating your home, and getting together with family and friends it’s hard for many people to concentrate on work. Even though the holidays are a wonderful time of year, don’t forget this is also the perfect opportunity for your business to conduct a successful telemarketing campaign. Below are some tips for you to utilize this holiday season as a great way to generate sales leads.
Be Unforgettable
Some companies are less aggressive during the holidays because they presume other companies will tell them to “call back after the New Year.” Although this might be true, it is better to hear this than to be forgotten. It doesn’t matter if you have a team in-house to call out to prospects, or if you hire telemarketing services the point is to keep getting your name out. If someone tells you to call back after the New Year, ask your telemarketers to set up appointments for an exact time and day. This will ensure a potential lead, and that particular company will also have your company’s name floating in the back of their mind when they are “getting back to business”.
Alerting Consumers of Holiday Specials
Most retailers have great specials during the holidays. If you have a retail store or an Ecommerce site, reach out to your current customers to let them know about any and all specials going on. The same goes for potential customers—if they don’t know about your specials how will they come to your store? You should keep in mind people usually get more sensitive during the holidays when it comes to telemarketing calls. Make sure you abide by all of the DO NOT CALL lists, and keep your script short and sweet. People are busier this time of year and usually more stressed—so keep this in the back of your mind when someone picks up the phone.
Planning for 2010
With the year in its final month, many companies look back on the good, the bad and the ugly. You are probably no exception—but take advantage of this and get the attention of other businesses doing the same thing. Brainstorm and figure out what companies you would like to potentially partner with, or whom you would think would benefit from your company’s services. Call these companies’s up and pitch your ideas for the upcoming year. Schedule a more “in-depth” call for the beginning of next year to really nail out the details. Doing these types of calls can really build up your lead generation database. A great point to remember is many associates take off more this time of year, whereas the decision makers for companies will be hard at work. This can open the door for you to get directly to the source without any interference from their gatekeepers.
Holidays Are the Season of Giving
Non-profit organizations can really benefit from telemarketing campaigns this time of year. Many people are in the gift giving mood, and are more likely to donate money to their favorite cause. The same goes for college and universities—alumni can be feeling extra sentimental this time of year and give to their alma mator.   A tip for college and universities is to have your call center be staffed with current students. Alumni might “bond” better with current students than random employees. 
Get Creative
The holiday season is hectic and stressful for most people, but this can be a time for your company to shine. Tell your telemarketing services to “spruce up” their script for the holidays--think of creative and fun ways to get your message out with a little extra flare. Getting the attention of overstressed and very busy people can be a challenge, but with the right script and calling tactics, you can really pull out a successful telemarketing campaign during the holidays.

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