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Top 5 Twitter Pet Peeves

What Not to Do on Twitter

Written By: Dr. Rachna Jain

I was speaking with a consulting client yesterday about using the social networks for online marketing campaigns. This client is somewhat new(er) to social media, and is getting a fast-tracked education.  We got on to the subject of Twitter, and started talking about Twitter do's and dont's. While I know what my personal pet peeves are, I was curious as to what other tweeters thought. So, in a highly unscientific survey, I asked.

Here are the responses I got:

  1. Lack of engagement. Several people cited this as a major pet peeve, where people follow them without trying to connect with them or find out more about them. This came up most often. It does seem that people really do want to use the social networks to connect.
  2. Automated messages after following. This was the second most cited pet peeve. People feel like these messages are clutter and kind of clog up the works. From my perspective, if I follow you, you don't need to welcome me. Just give me some good information (i.e. be a good tweeter) and I'm happy. Likewise, I am certainly thumbs down on all the direct messages about making money with Twitter, joining your Mafia family, and the like.
  3. Spam and porn. This was the third most commonly cited Twitter pet peeve. People, in general, say they are blocking and reporting people who spam or send out pornographic links or tweets. There are some things which should be left to the imagination.
  4. Too much tweet repetition This pet peeve relates to people repeating their tweets. There are various services which let you set up recurring tweets, but the latest news is that Twitter is cracking down on accounts which make notable use of repeated tweets. I imagine that occasional repetition is fine, but just keep in mind that people want new information. Every tweet you send out has the potential to build your brand, so be original.
  5. Too many hashtags or @ names This means that people don't want to read tweets that have too many labels or tags. They also don't want to read ones which seem blanketed with user names. I, too, notice that I tend to glaze over when I read a tweet that references multiple users. Maybe the balance is to use names, but maybe 3 or less per tweet.

If you want to get attention, gain followers, and be more effective with using Twitter, keep these pet peeves in mind- and don't do them.

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