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The Top Five Elements to a First Class Website Design.

Presentation, service industry, and the most important elements for your buyers.

Written By: Nicole McCullum
 Whether you intend to add internet marketing as a part of your marketing strategy or not, more and more business owners are realizing the value in building and sustaining an effective web presence. A website plays an important role in lead generation and customer acquisition, whether you are doing print or direct mail advertising or you are depending on referrals. It could be the final resource that determines whether you get the business or not. At the core of your website design success, is finding the right balance between your website design and content that will get your visitors to take the next step. 
Rain Today, recently conducted a survey of more than 200 buyers of B2B Services, that rate the importance of your website elements and “How Clients Buy”.
Their findings were as follows:
§         Service Description – 87%
§         Industries Served – 78%
§         Success Stories/Case Studies – 73%
§         Professional Website Design and Presentation – 69%
§         About us/Biographies – 64%
§         Client List – 64%
§         Online Resources/Content (White Papers…) – 60%
§         Video or Online Presentations – 57%
§         News Items – 47%
§         Podcasts or Audio Content – 45%
This survey is of utmost importance to website owners and businesses, because it can be used as a reference to enhance your website in order to increase your website conversion rate and provide your visitors with what they are looking for. Therefore, I would like to explore the top five elements as listed in the survey findings.
Service Descriptions.
It’s important to talk about your products and services and what it can do for your intended market. Focus on benefits but highlight the features as well. Make your services easily readable and scan able, but provide the option for more detailed information.  When possible, make your services printable or downloadable in a pdf format.  Offer the opportunity for more information or the chance to speak to a visitor one on one with a free consultation.
Industries Served.
Speak Directly to Your Market. It’s important to make a connection. You will increase your chances of converting your website visitor if you have industry specific experience or if you are a specialist in their industry. Many business owners may be afraid of highlighting the industries served in fear of alienating others, especially in this tough economy. However, if you present your information well and be clear it’s just a short list of some of the industries we served and if you’re not on the list to please email us, you will cover all your bases. Seems simple, but it’s often overlooked.
Success Stories/Case Studies.
Highlight Your Successes. The proof is in the pudding. A serious customer is all about how you can help them. If you have proven successes, you already have one foot in the door. Provide samples, success stories and or case studies that can easily be verified, in an easy to read, understandable and non-technical manner.  Your case studies doesn’t have to be extravagant, simple and to the point often gets the job done and will save you and the intended recipient time.
Professional Website Design and Presentation.
Your Image is everything. People want to do business with professionals and businesses that they find to be credible.  Your website is a living, breathing tool that can make the difference in whether someone chooses to do business with you or not.  A website design that is professional, exudes success, stability and gives people confidence in doing business with you.
About us/Biographies.
Give people an insight into who you are, by connecting with them on your company’s about us page or your executive bio or your team page. Talk about your mission, the values of your company, and the reasons you started the business, let your passion for your business come through. Show them that you are a real person, by placing a professional photo on your about us or bio page, you may even talk about your hobbies and what you do in your spare time.
Nicole McCullum is the founder of, a web design company, that provide small and mid-sized businesses with custom website design solutions that include business web design, ecommerce web design, graphic design and internet marketing. 

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