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Web Design Terms & Definitions

A professional who designs the graphics and look-and-feel of a website...

Written By: Resource Nation

Web designer: A professional who designs the graphics and look-and-feel of a website. Sometimes this person will also program a site.

Web programmer/developer: A professional who takes a design and makes it into a website. Programmers often specialize in complex database driven websites. A programmer will sometimes also design a website.

Hosting Company: A company that maintains a large number of servers that store/host websites.

Shopping cart: A function of a website that allows a visitor to select products for purchase.

Brochure website: A website that replicates a printed brochure and is typically static in nature.

Banner ad: A graphic advertisement placed on a website that links to another website.

Content Management System or Admin Functionality: Usually refers to a tool that allows the website owner to easily modify text or graphics on the website without the use of code.

Domain Name: The URL of the website. Usually purchased from a web designer, hosting company, or domain registration company.

Links / Hyperlinks: Text or graphics, which when clicked, take you to another location on the web.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Creating your website in a manner that search companies, such as Google, will position a website higher on a results page.

PPC (Pay-per-click): Advertising which involves payment each time a link is clicked, directing a visitor to a website.

Web 2.0: The concept that portions of website code can be used from pre-existing applications rather than from scratch.

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