Your Instagram Game Plan: 3 Must-Dos

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Instagram_Icon_LargeTwo-hundred million users – who doesn’t want a piece of the Instagram pie? And accordingly, you started by posting a photo of Richard, your eager-to-please admin assistant, as he poured coffee at Monday’s all-hands-on-deck meeting. Okay, so it didn’t exactly go viral, and your first foray into Instagram might have been a tad anti-climatic.

Don’t get discouraged; that’s what we expect with a hit … Read More

Shopify, PayPal, and New POS Tech Making it Easy to Pay

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POS Systems and a New Payment Processing that is Sweeping the NationOut of any of the sundry realms in which millennial technologies have changed the rhythms of life on the planet, none has been so turned on its head than the realm of sales. From the way companies brand themselves to innovations in CRM, technology is redefining what we buy by expanding the possibilities of how we can buy it. Nowhere is this shift more evident … Read More

Facebook Marketing: You’re Doing It All Wrong

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Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses- You're Doing it All WrongI’ve been in digital marketing since 2008, four years after Facebook first launched. And despite the significant evolution of marketing – it feels like social media marketing has become a bit stagnant. Countless social media tools have come out since to help us make our efforts more efficient. But unfortunately most of these tools and solutions focus on the ‘internal’ management of social media … Read More

Employee Engagement: What Will Your Verse Be?

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Employee Engagement With Brand StorytellingLook around the office: are your employees emotionally engaged in their work? Are they your loudest advocates and ambassadors outside of the office, when no one’s watching?

If your employees are going through the motions, showing up to be seen and counted, then it’s a fair bet they are not engaged. And I’d wager, further, that their apathy is a drag, a costly drag, on … Read More

One Trend No Small Business Can Afford to Ignore

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One Trends that Small Businesses Can't Afford to Ignore- the Mobile DeviceTrends come and go. Some stick, but most fade faster than you can say VHS. That said, there is one trend of such magnitude that no small business can afford to ignore. The impact of mobile is transforming not only how companies market their products and services, but it’s also changing workplace culture as we know it.

First, what does the data tell us? According … Read More

Splurge on These Technologies to Help Boost Employee Morale

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using technology to boost employee morale in small business workplaceThese days, technology makes the world go ‘round, and this includes in the workplace. Technology can be used in a variety of ways to improve operations and efficiency as well as to boost employee morale and job satisfaction.

Here are a few ideas you can try to improve your workplace environment from all angles using just a few technological upgrades.

Laptops and/or Tablets for Work … Read More

How to Be Objective when Interviewing Introverts

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hiring introvertsThe interview process has many flaws. It requires candidates to come in and put on a show, and for those candidates that aren’t adept at putting on a performance and bragging about themselves, it can be especially difficult to live up to these expectations. Rather than seeing candidates like this as unmotivated or inherently flawed, hiring managers need to recognize that this is actually an … Read More

Cutting Corners: 4 Ways to Save Money Around the Office

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4 ways to save money around the officeWhether your company is large or small, it’s always a good idea to work toward saving money. The more money you save on everyday things, the more you’ll have to put back into the company. There are many ways you can cut corners and save some cash without making it feel like the company is going bankrupt.

Turn the Company Green

When you go green, … Read More

How (and Why) Pinterest Leads to Major Purchases

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how and why to increase sales with pinterest

The era of social media shows no signs of slowing down. Harvard Business Review argued all those likes, tweets and pins are disruptive in the business world. Can it be that social media is a replacement for all those charismatic individuals in the sales department? Just take a look at the way Pinterest is adapting to work with businesses.

Pins Leading to Purchases

According to … Read More

How to Migrate to the World of Modern Telephony with VoIP

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VoIP for small businessesComparing VoIP to traditional landline telephony is perhaps a little unfair, given that the former has a number of key advantages which can make legacy communications technologies look seriously archaic. But for those who are thinking about adopting VoIP in place of an analogue service, understanding the differences, as well as appreciating the few pitfalls of digital platforms, is important.

In the first quarter of … Read More