10 Laptop Apps That Improve Productivity

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laptop appsWhether you work from home running your own business, spend your time in an office setting, or keep your household running seamlessly, you know how vital it is to stay productive.

With the simple technology of a laptop you can easily increase your efficiency tenfold, if not more. All you need are the right apps, and fortunately there’s no shortage.

Check out the top 10 here to start getting more productive, today.

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1. Tile a File

Do you spend endless amounts of time searching the folders in your laptops and tablets trying to find the file you need? Constantly searching Documents and Download folders is a hassle and it takes up valuable time.

Rather than getting frustrated or taking up room on your desktop, just try Tile a File. You need Windows 8 touch technology for this app, but with it you can easily pin the folders or files you want to keep handy onto your Start Screen. Creating a shortcut is now a streamlined, time-saving process.

2. YouSendIt

Yes, you have email and flash drives and messenger programs that allow you to send files—but don’t you get tired of those arbitrary limits? If you frequently have large files to send and get heartily tired of creating compressed folders, just try YouSendIt.

You’ll enjoy 2GB of space, total security and encryption, and the ability to keep your big, important files in one place. There are free and paid options, with a subscription offering more space and transfers.

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3. Box

If you want something specifically designed for businesses, try Box. Searching is effortless and efficient, users can easily collaborate on documents, and there’s full integration with SalesForce. Additionally, if someone accidentally messes up a file, you can simply restore the history and get back to the earlier version of your file.

4. TeamViewer Touch

TeamViewer Touch is technically a remote app for your desktop or PC. In truth, however, it does much more than that. When you need to have a conference call or a real face-to-face meeting, your laptop instantly becomes a meeting spot.

5. Invoice 360

When you own a business, you know how essential invoices are. They’re also a pain to keep up with, especially if you aren’t organized. While other invoice apps and programs are sometimes hard to understand or navigate, Invoice 360 is simplicity itself. You can easily save all the details of a specific customer and keep detailed notes about your transactions.

6. Evernote

Evernote is easily one of the best apps now available, partly because it’s available over so many platforms. In addition to saving all of your notes, you can even dictate them out loud. If you hand write your notes and ideas, it’s easy to save those as well.

7. EZ Opp

If you enjoy the Dynamics CRM from Windows, you’ll love EZ Opp. This app succinctly predicts how much revenue your business will earn for the next year, on a monthly business. It also clearly compares the estimated money with the money you’re actually making.

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8. Lync

If you’re becoming a nomadic professional or if you’re simply taking a working vacation, you still have to stay in touch with your colleagues at the office. There are now many apps geared toward traveling entrepreneurs, but Lync is definitely one of the favorites. From one place, you’ll have access to voice conferences, messaging, and special calling and phoning features, straight from your laptop. The office won’t even know you’re gone.

9. Skype

For something a little more casual, Skype is a great resource as well. Skype offers a totally secure and completely private network that many people can share. It’s more professional than trying to carry on a conversation over Facebook, for instance, and it’s easily accessible for everyone.

10. People

Instead of wasting time searching for contact information, why not have it all in one place? People is one of the most aptly named apps, because it gives you access to all the people within your network. This is exclusively a Windows 8 app, and what makes it different is its ability to further integrate all of your social networking sites. You’ll see what’s new from friends, colleagues, and contacts, plus you can quickly and easily do on those sites, such as:

  • Leaving comments
  • Liking or “favoriting” posts
  • Posting to colleagues’ walls
  • And updating your own status

Wasting time is easy simply because so many of the things you need every day are all over the place, making you search and search instead of actually working. Can you imagine streamlining your entire day and increasing your productivity to such a degree?

Bio: Danielle loves putting pen to paper and fingers to the keyboard. She is currently working as a part-time freelance writer and full-time records manager. She dabbles in all things creative.    — Her fixation right now? Technology (especially, how it is quickly/constantly revolutionizing our society).  One day soon, she hopes to be pursuing her dream as a full time-writer.

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