10 Unique Home-Based Business Ideas

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In this sluggish economy, it has become harder than ever for small businesses to get started and build a clientèle. Those individuals who do succeed are the ones with innovative ideas that are a bit more off the beaten path. The following are ten unique home-based businesses that you can start today without even leaving the house!

  • Tutoring Business. With college entrance becoming more and more competitive, parents are looking for a way to get their kids’ grades up. This has opened up a wealth of new opportunities for home-based tutors.
  • Wedding Planner. While our economic situation has taken a bite out of many areas of the luxury economy, one thing that is almost recession-proof is the desire of women everywhere to throw a perfectly planned wedding. Being a home-based wedding planner is easy – as most of the meetings (with the exception of visiting the venue) can take place inside your house.
  • Gift Basket Business. If you are a great gift-giver, why not put that talent to good use? Gift basket businesses feature relatively low start-up costs, can be engaged right from your home and provide a steady source of seasonal work (as well as birthdays, special corporate events, etc).
  • Concierge. Few people realize it, but you don’t have to be at a hotel to take advantage of a concierge service. A growing number of people are turning to home-based concierges as a means for helping plan out special events, nights out on the town, and more.
  • Computer Repair. If you’re the member of the family who always gets called to fix everyone’s PC or iPod then computer repair is an outstanding choice for a home-based business. Just put a little more time into self-education regarding the inner workings of computer repair and you can gain the skills needed to get started.
  • Consulting Business. Let’s say you spent years in a particular industry, but left your job either due to layoffs or burnout. Why not put those vital skills to use by becoming a consultant in your chosen field of expertise? Consultants can command a high billing rate (depending upon the industry) and have the freedom to take on as many or as few clients as they see fit.
  • Coaching Business. A fast growing industry is business coaching. If you have strong sales skills, are good with people, and a passion for businesses, you can help other businesses become successful. One leading franchiser for small-business growth services is OneCoach. The company website is a place to start to find out how you can provide entrepreneurs with customized solutions to grow their small business.
  • Interior Designer. If you’ve got a flair for home or office décor, interior design work may be your calling. The key to getting started is finding 2-3 core clients, and then doing spectacular work for them. Create a book of photos based on your work for these initial clients – and then use it as a “calling card” for obtaining future work.
  • Blog Poster. Many businesses need individuals to help them maintain an active blogging community for their online presence. You could make a supplement and potential decent living by blog posting if you have good conversational writing skills.
  • Child Care Service Provider. Finally, child care services make an outstanding home-based business for nurturing individuals who are good with children. While some inspection and accreditation may be required, this can be a very lucrative business for those willing to dedicate themselves to it.

To see more home-based business ideas and vote on your favorites, StartupNation’s Home-Based 100 contest is happening right now. Next year, enter your wackiest, greenest or most innovative home-based business and you might be the lucky winner.

5 thoughts on “10 Unique Home-Based Business Ideas

  1. avatarVan Theodorou

    Some new ideas I haven’t heard of. I have a few online businesses and subscribe to some of the better online marketers but you definitely came up with a few ideas I have yet to hear.

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