1,000 Facebook Likes Isn’t Cool, You Know What’s Cool? A Million Likes

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Facebook marketing isn’t always about having the coolest landing pages, or the best pictures; it really comes down to having a product that people love. Sure, a few of the top Facebook pages, like National Geographic and Red Bull do amazing jobs at getting more likes for their brand with branded pages; but how do small businesses and bloggers get a million likes? Is it even possible for a small business with no universal product, to achieve scale with a Facebook Page?

First off, I don’t think every business is cut out for Facebook. For some businesses, the platform doesn’t cater to a certain audience demographic, and marketing is almost impossible (I can’t see many people liking a company that drills oil.. etc.). However, I have worked on Facebook Pages, and I understand how hard it really is to drive “Likes.” It’s definitely worth the effort though, “68% of users 18-24 years old clicking the new ‘Like’ button do so to gain further information about a brand or product.” A Like is an invitation to market, so, whether you are running Facebook ads to drive “Likes” or looking to improve your presence organically, here are a few tips for marketing your Facebook Page:

Advertising your Facebook Page within the Facebook platform is one of the most effective strategies for Facebook Ads. This means you are simply running an ad within Facebook, where you conversion metrics are Likes instead of purchases or downloads.

People on Facebook want to see engaging copy, an eye catching picture, and something relevant to them. Click through rates are often quite low on Facebook, but if you market the right way to the right audience there is no denying the power of its ad platform. The average Facebook user clicks the ‘Like’ button 9 times each month. To raise your conversions, and ultimately ‘Likes’ prepare to have a call to action with a custom landing page setup for each ad you run.

Landing Page
Adding a custom landing page to your Facebook is great if you do it right. Adding an iframe tab to have users land on isn’t difficult. Custom landing pages are useful for short term campaigns and extremely targeted ads. If you decide that you want to sponsor a contest or giveaway, setup a custom landing page that is targeted towards each specific Facebook ad.

Like Box
The Like Box can be a valuable tool for marketers. Adding this box to your affiliate pages and other online marketing materials can be a great way to generate exposure. The Like Box is a one click solution for your audience to subscribe to your Facebook updates. Many businesses are now adding this to their header bars on their website. This can be a great way to generate exposure to new visitors. Make sure you keep your businesses Facebook with the same theme and branding as your company, but give users a more intimate look in to what you do as a business.

Email Newsletters
Email blasts are a great way to generate exposure for your social presence. People who are already signed up for your newsletter likely have an active interest in your company and your offerings. If you incorporate the Like button on your page, you will let your readers know that you have a social presence and you care about their engagement. Many email newsletter services, like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp give the option to add social media links within your email.

Driving Likes takes a healthy mix of great advertising, brand awareness of your social presence, and engaging Facebook Pages. Post candid pictures of your employees, encourage crowd sourcing of content and listen for feedback. A user will like your page if they see someone behind the scenes actively engaging with an audience. Getting to a million clicks is tough, but with diligent persistence and a product that people love, you should be able to scale your social media efforts.

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2 thoughts on “1,000 Facebook Likes Isn’t Cool, You Know What’s Cool? A Million Likes

  1. avatarVimalesh Vijayan

    The article is cool enough and informative too.

    There’s lots of changes in the facebook to create the landing page. I am doing social media marketing for some time and clients always ask me for a professional landing page, but I personally suggest a social landing page (quite informal). Friends any suggestions?????


  2. avatarMichael

    It look like that huge Likes only for people or entity with some amount of budget, quite high I think. :)
    For me, I’ll try naturally.
    But perhaps reaching a million Like is like a dream. (Hopefully not) LOL….

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