12 Best Websites to Watch Business News Online for Free

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As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep up with the local, national, and international economy. Your financial decisions largely depend on the happenings of the business world and the decisions your competition makes.

For those of you that can’t afford a flat screen television in your office, here’s a list of 12 business news site you can check out online and for free.

  1. MSNBC Business
    MSNBC provides a sweeping view of the business world with links to a variety of business stories. From the state of RV sales to the President’s latest statement on the economic stimulus plan, you can find them all in a single page. And while it might be too much to take in at once, scrolling over the tabbed sections on the left-hand side of the page will reveal the top headlines of the day.

  2. CNBC Business News
    CNBC is an excellent site for international business and foreign markets news. They have separate tabs for the United States, Europe, and Asia that you can easily locate on the main page. On this site, you can also find out what the world’s CEOs have to say about the day’s top business headlines.

  3. CNN Video
    CNN has an easy to use media player. You can search through the top stories of the day and create a playlist of the ones you find interesting. Another useful feature is the 5-6 minute-long Business Bulletin, which provides you with the business news highlights of the day for when you’re low on time.

  4. ABC News
    Here you can find the latest U.S. business news, especially as it pertains to the American household and the ways in which national business affairs affect people’s day to day activities. There’s a section dedicated to small business, and Money Matters offers practical tips for personal finance.

  5. CBS News
    While it doesn’t have the depth of other sites, or even a distinctly labeled business or money section, CBS always has videos that cover the latest and most prominent bits of news concerning the national economy. If you’re looking for a quick overview of the most popular stories of the day, this site is the place to go.

  6. USA Today
    USA Today’s news video site is straightforward and simple with a selection of channels you can scroll through. All you have to do is click on the Money channel and select from the categories, which go from recent headlines to personal finance.

  7. FOX Business
    Unlike many of the other news sites, which treat their business sections as simply that, FOX has a much heftier site, foxbusiness.com, dedicated exclusively to business news. The video player works well, and you don’t have to sludge through the other news categories to find what you want. Here, it’s all business.

  8. SBTV
    Small Business Television: the name says it all. This is the most comprehensive video news site dealing with the world of small business. From the latest news and resources to upcoming events and useful stories on how market and run a more efficient company, this site has it.

  9. Reuters
    A good site for national and international business news, Reuters covers a variety of business topics having to do government policies and the world of big business. A good place for investors and those interested in how politics affects the market.

  10. Bloomberg TV
    Bloomberg TV is a site that provides in depth analysis of worldwide financial markets, as well as real-time financial updates on stocks, currency and trade. An excellent, comprehensive resource for those looking to find accurate and up-to-date numbers and statistics.

  11. Yahoo Business News
    A straightforward look at the day’s business highlights, Yahoo business news videos come as a single, constantly updated list. Just scroll through to find what you’re looking for.

  12. Businessweek OnlineAside from publishing one of the leading business magazines in the country, Businessweek has a fairly wide-ranging and comprehensive website where you can watch the latest market updates as well as news on how the latest technologies are affecting American business.

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