13 Awesome iPhone Apps for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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Ever wondered whether you could put your iPhone to work for practical business purposes, like, say, credit card processing or tracking product shipments? The competition for the best iPhone Application (App, for short) has heated up since we cataloged our 10 favorites last year. In honor of Apple’s super-secret big announcement this week, here are our top picks for the best business iPhone apps:

EverNote: EverNote works like your brain would- if its contents were exported to your iPhone. This app takes any form of information- photos, written notes, voice recordings- and makes it searchable using technologies like optical character recognition. For example, you can take pictures of posters, magazine covers, business cards, or anything else and search the photo based on the content of the text.

WhatTasks: Quite possibly the easiest-to-use task manager in existence, WhatTasks allows you to group tasks (by client, location, etc) and prioritize them using a simple, uncomplicated interface. If your main complaint about task management apps is that it’s a task in itself to use them, look no further- this one’s actually worth it to use.

SugarSync: SugarSync is the iPhone app that accompanies Sharpcast’s Sync service. For $50/yearly, you’ll have access to 30GB of storage that is accessible and searchable on your phone. Changes to files on your computer (document revisions, etc.) are also reflected on your mobile device instantly.

PageOnce: PageOnce lets users view many different accounts (Facebook, Twitter, different email accounts, bank accounts, etc.) on one page. Sign up for the free account and then download the iPhone version, which allows you to access bank account, credit account, and invoicing account pages easily, no matter where you are.

iProcrastinate: If you work best on a deadline, this appropriately-named application is for you. You can group your tasks by due date, allowing you to prioritize your work. Tasks can be easily searched and can be identified by color coding (if you’re looking for something to do while putting off actually getting to work…) And yes, there is an “overdue” category for those that really procrastinate.

BeamME: The “greenest” business card is a virtual one. BeamMe is one of the better contact information transfer apps out there, allowing you to sent information via text or (more conveniently) via email from your phone in a few simple clicks.

Griffin iTalk: There are quite a few voice recording apps available, but iTalk gets our vote for its simple interface and easy compatibility with other Apple products. Use iTalk to record conversations (reporters like it for on-the-spot interviewing) or simple notes and to-do-list tasks.

MWare Mobile: MerchantWARE Mobile acts as a virtual credit card terminal, allowing you to process credit card transactions using only your phone and a connection to a WiFi or 3g network. MWare mobile gets our recommendation because no 3rd party merchant account gateways are required, it’s easy, to use, it’s secure, and (best of all) it’s free.

FedEx Mobile: This easy-to-use application allows you full access to the range of FedEx services. You can arrange pickups, find a FedEx drop off location, or track outgoing product shipments directly from your phone.

mBox Fax: Faxing (strangely, to some) is still a very common method of transmitting information. Some companies that don’t want to invest in a machine can use this application to accept incoming faxes.

PointerRemote: The next time you need to make a presentation, use your phone as a remote. This tool works with both Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote. It also lets you view notes on your phone screen so you can discreetly navigate between slides and topics without craning your neck to read the large screen.

FreshBooks: FreshBooks, an invoicing and time monitoring software program, offers up some of its best features in this mobile application. You can track the time spent to complete specific projects and tasks for later invoicing, keep notes on entries, and monitor job costs when you’re working out of the office.

Any we missed? Share your finds with other business owners and entrepreneurs in the comments section.

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