20 Business Software Companies to Follow on Twitter

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twitterTwitter is a great way to find out about new business software companies and to discover the latest software developments that could greatly benefit your business. Here are 20 business software companies that have shot to the top in recent years, and tweet the most up-to-date info to their dedicated followers. And don’t forget to follow Resource Nation!

1. HubSpot– These marketing software masters, and they keep their massive twitter following updated with helpful lists and tips for everything from lead generation strategies to homepage design.

2. Spigit– is always tweeting about innovative design ideas, and tips for idea management to active your workforce and boost production.

3. Bottle Rocket Apps– tweets quirky and interesting facts about mobile marketing trends, and will keep you up to date on the latest mobile apps.

4. Coupons.com- Following them on twitter will help you save with useful coupons, as well as fill you in on the latest marketing techniques like discount codes and seasonal giveaways.

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5. BoomTown– If your company deals in real estate, following BoomTown on twitter is a must. They are always tweeting about the latest trends in real estate and providing useful information about buying and selling homes (think open houses and motivating agents).

6. Kronos- provides links to up-to-date articles about the office world and hosts tweet chats for their followers about workforce management.

7. Elemental Technologies– One of Portland’s leaders in media processing, Elemental Tech’s twitter page keeps followers updated with the latest video encoding statistics and news.

8. Marketo– is constantly tweeting (every hour!) about the latest marketing tactics and trends, providing free guides and tips for its followers.

9. DBBest Technologies– follow them on twitter to learn more about the latest database projects with their “Portfolio Spotlight”, which features some of the newest applications and platforms.

10. GXS– tweets about the latest B2B trends and global news, as well as tips on how to keep your operations running smoothly with all your clients.

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11. Splunk– has a huge twitter following and they’re always posting updates from their blog with methods for improving data center performance.

12. Demandware– is always tweeting great articles about e-commerce and shopping trends, and ideas for designing and managing your digital store-front.

13. Code 42 Software– and their programs CrashPlan and CrashPlanPRO provide helpful information about computer backups and recovery. They respond to followers questions quickly and completely.

14. Rocket Lawyer– provides small to medium sized businesses with legal information online. They tweet great statistics multiple times daily and provide advice with a legal twist for small businesses owners.

15. The Nerdery– works with clients in every stage from deployment and programming to user analysis and tech strategy. Their tweets keep followers updated on their extensive nonprofit donations, as giveaways and quirky observations of the tech world.

16. 3D Cart– 3D Cart’s twitter page provides great information about online marketing trends and tips about designing your e-commerce site to increase conversion rates.

17. MindBody– Their twitter page features access to free webinar’s and information about their tech support teams, as well as interesting videos and apps about the health and wellness industry.

18. YouSendIt– Through their twitter, they keep followers up to date on latest information about secure file transfers, and provide instant support for followers.

19. QuickOffice– is now working with Google and MS Office to allow users to access, edit, and create on Word, Excel and PowerPoint from their mobile devices. They tweet about the latest additions to their applications, as well as provide instant support and the most competitive deals.

20. KISSmetrics– are constantly tweeting their latest quirky blog posts and interesting articles about turning business analytics into useful insights. 







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