25 Finance & Money Management iPhone Applications

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Now that Apple has given 3rd party developers the go-ahead to write applications for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, consumers literally have the world’s creativity working for them every day to come up with new and innovative apps.

The Apple App store has been opened for over six months now, and it’s true that a good number of apps are throwaway imitations of one another. But there are many jewels to be found. For the busy businessperson looking to optimize, here is a list of 25 of the most useful finance and money apps out there.

25 Personal Finance & Money Management iPhone Applications

ACTCurrency – $0.99
This is a fairly simple currency converter. Easy to use and incredibly handy for when you’re traveling out of the country. At $0.99, it’s an obvious buy.

ACTGratuity – $0.99
Ever wish there was an easier way to figure out the tip when you go out to dine at a nice restaurant? ACTGratuity does just that. The app also lets you split the bill, letting everyone know exactly how much each person is supposed to pay.

Bloomberg – Free
Bloomberg is one of the best financial sites on the web, and now you can instant stock quotes, charts and in depth financial analysis directly on your iPhone with the Bloomberg iPhone application. And the best part: it’s free!

Budget – $4.99
This is an excellent app for keeping track of your personal budget. It has an easy-to-use interface and gives the option of full-color graphs.

Mobile Banking – Free
If you’re a Bank of America customer, this application can be very useful. Keep track of your accounts and instantly find the closest ATM machine. It’s a shame that non-Bank of America customers can’t use it.

Save Benjis – Free
Save Benjis is an app that lets you seach online and find the lowest prices for anything on the market. In tough economic times, saving money is becoming everyone’s priority. If you’re at a store wondering whether you should buy an item or see if it’s cheaper elsewhere, this app can save the day. And it’s free.

eBay Mobile – Free
eBay has gone beyond the call of duty to provide customers with an optimized iPhone version of its website, with its own client and unique, streamlined interface. It works so well, that it can be easier to use the site on your phone than on your home computer.

iCredit Calculator – $0.99
This application lets you estimate your current credit card debt and approximately how long it will take you to pay it off. It is simple and has three different calculation modes. Easy to use and understand.

PortfolioLive – $5.99
Portfolio live provides you with the real-time value of your stock portfolio wherever and whenever you happen to be. This is by far the best portfolio management application available. Get instant quotes and create as many portfolios as you want.

FlightTrack Pro – $9.99
This application is your personal travel assistant. FlightTrack Pro is the most popular travel app, and it comes with TripIt, an online travel organizer. Perfect for busy travelers, it allows you to track cancellations, delays, gate changes and more. You can view your itinerary, local weather and time, all in an easy-to-use interface.

CompareMe – $1.99
Good for the price conscious shopper, CompareMe allows you to check product prices, compare them and convert the prices of items with different size packages. You can calculate discounts and premiums into the equations to see what the best deal truly is.

Mobile News Network – Free
Get the up-to-date news from the Associated Press directly onto your phone. Mobile News Network gives you access to local, national and international news. Great way to get your news on the go and in a compact, user-friendly interface.

iJobs – $0.99
Job hunting? If so, iJobs can come in quite handy. It uses the iPhone’s location services to find job openings near you. It automatically searches through thousands of sources from all over the internet. No matter what gig you’re looking for, iJobs can be an excellent hunting companion.

The Vault – Free
The Vault is a virtual strong box for storing sensitive information. It uses the famous and ultra-secure Blowfish encryption code to protect all your data. Your password is not stored on your iPhone, and none of the information you store goes anywhere.

Blaze Mobile Wallet – $1.99
In addition to letting you purchase products from 8,000 supported companies, this application uses the Blaze Mobile Prepaid MasterCard Paypass Sticker, so that you can simply wave your iPhone over a retailer’s POS supported terminal and the purchase is done. Participating locations include McDonalds, 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacies, and more.

Sales Report – $19.99
Sales Report downloads the sales trends reports from iTunes Connect and stores them on you iPhone permanently. You can view data on graphs and get email reports that help you see how marketing campaigns are going.

Moneypedia – $0.99
While Moneypedia serves no immediate and practical financial or organizational function, it is a lot of fun. A virtual collection of sample currency from around the world, it has tons of unique images and historical information. It is always good to read up on the different systems of currency around the world.

iOwn – Free
iOwn helps you keep track of the things you own, plain and simple. It has an easy to use and very fast interface. It lets you itemize and keep track of your possessions, in case you ever need to store them for safe keeping or later use. You will never forget where you put something ever again.

ACTPrinter – $0.99
ACTPrinter is not a printer in the technical sense. It simply offers an alternative, as it lets you store and view electronic tickets, boarding passes and other documents that you’d normally have to use paper for. Good for the environment.

TickerPicker – $3.99
This application lets you pull up stock data for technical analysis about any ticker. Just input the stock ticker and you’ll get a price, moving average, volume, RSI and MACD charts, all in the palm of your hand.

6 thoughts on “25 Finance & Money Management iPhone Applications

  1. avatarcameron

    Why isn’t Mint.com on here? It’s free, and is hands-down the most useful financial tool I have ever used.

  2. avatarFrancois

    I recommend PocketSmith (www.pocketsmith.com), a simple-to-use, intuitive budgeting and cashflow forecasting application that uses a calendar for more natural interaction. Think about the future – not the past – and clearly illustrates the impact of your financial decisions!

  3. avatarDan

    It’s a surprise that BudgetCare app isn’t listed. It worth mentioning it because it’s definitely one of the best apps that track your personal expenses.

  4. avataralex sabonge

    I found a great app that helps you with your bills and to forecast your balance on a calendar, is called Budgets & Bill Tracking. Very well done.

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