3 Best Email Alternatives to Using Outlook

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outlook alternativesOutlook is still the most popular email client among businesses because of the benefits it provides for its users – it easily connects to Exchange, allows sharing of calendars, contacts and tasks, and it adapts to the specific requirements of its users. But not all enterprises, especially small businesses, will require the services of Outlook and may want an alternative for connecting to a groupware server.

So, let’s take a look at three of the best alternatives to Outlook that businesses can consider.


MailEnable comes in several versions including the free Standard version and the paid Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise versions. All of these versions have been created as useful mail applications that provide for a wide variety of services related to SMTP, POP3 and webmail. The email server can be installed within a few minutes and its powerful administration software can be configured for any user need while providing for the best in safety and security.

The standard version comes with the following benefits:

  •  It has robust, stable, scalable and fully functional SMTP and POP email services, both of which support unlimited users and domains on the system.
  •  Its administration application provides for the effective and efficient configuration of email services through the Microsoft Management Console application. Its features include redirections, mailbox quotas, create groups, and auto-responders, among others.
  • It has extension security measures including anti-spam features and authentication methods that protect the email server from online attacks, unauthorised access, and malware, among others.

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Indeed, even MailEnable’s Standard version is one of the best in the industry but for the best results, mid-sized and large-scale enterprises are well-advised to choose from among the Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise Premium versions. Think of it as an investment with high returns or with high value for the money.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is also considered as a frontrunner among Outlook alternatives for many reasons. It is a free, open source and cross-platform email client with news and chat features, and was developed by the Mozilla Foundation and modelled after Mozilla Firefox. Its main strengths come from its wide range of add-ons including a powerful address book, an outstanding migration assistant, and attachment reminders as well as satisfactory built-in security features- all of which makes it a stable email client with a user-friendly tabbed interface and connections to Exchange.

But it must be noted that the standard version is not exactly a personal information manager. Additional functionalities are available via extensions including the Mozilla Lightning extension for its PIM functionality. Thunderbird also has significant issues that have yet to be addressed. It has yet to support Email Address Internationalisation or SMTPUTF8 (RFC 6531) and its client’s addresses are restricted to ASCII local parts

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Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra Desktop allows for setting up work and personal accounts using either IMAP or POP, said accounts of which can be Zimbra mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL and Outlook with each account being maintained separately. Set-up is relatively easy but the interface can throw a first-time user off because of its unfamiliar design. The good news is when you acquire the system, you will find Zimbra useful in so many ways.

After setting up the accounts, email messages will then be downloaded to the computer with easy access regardless of the presence or absence of an Internet connection. It allows for reading, replying, and forwarding as well as deleting all mail messages in the accounts while the mail storage itself is limited to the computer’s available disk space; in other alternatives, the mail storage is based on a pre-defined account quota.

Author Bio: Peter Fregon is one of the founders of MailEnable Pty. Ltd. and currently works as the product services manager. He believes that high quality email server can be a great asset for a company, and understands the critical nature of email communication

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