3 Easy Steps How Your Small Business Can Go Green

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eco-arrowsSaving money can be essential to a small business. But what does saving money have to do with a business going green? Well, in fact, the two are often closely related. Going green can help you save money and saving money can help you go green. If you’re interested doing in one or the other, or both, there may be simple things that your small business can do that could help you not only save money but help the environment as well.

Recycle and Reuse
Paper and printer cartridges could be two of the largest expenses when it comes to your office supplies, and also one of the greatest areas for making a difference when going green. Reusing paper through making double-sided copies or using already printed upon paper for note taking can reduce paper use, and recycling that paper when it has been completely used can add to your eco-friendly practices. Refilling old printer cartridges as well as keeping containers or bins around your place of business for the recycling of paper, are also ways to recycle and reuse.

Shutting Down
Leaving lights and computers on at night can eat up electricity. By turning off computers, lights, radios, printers, and similar electricity drainers, as well as adjusting the thermostat before you leave at night, you can reduce usage and costs. Also, consider replacing your light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.

Consumption Waste
By urging employees to refill water or plastic bottles or use a coffee mug or travel mug instead of Styrofoam cups, you could reduce consumption waste. Strategically locating recycle bins for bottles and cans around break areas and offices can also help with your green efforts.

The ways in which your small business can go green may be numerous and varied. While you might have some ideas, it could be worth picking other team members’ brains to see what they have to contribute. They might have some fantastic ideas regarding ways in which your business could become more eco-friendly.

Danny is a veteran commercial lender with over fifteen years of experience in accounts receivable funding.

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