3 Tools & Apps Every HR Manager Should Have

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3 tools and apps every hr manager should haveWith today’s explosion of technology, HR managers have returned to the drawing board in regards to changing the way they go about recruiting potential employees, applications being filled out, the new hire processes, and the link between employees and the organization’s management.HR strategies have needed to change, and along with it a completely different shift in the way of doing business. Here are 3 tools & apps every HR manager should have to get ahead of the game.


This tracking software is perfect for tracking all your applications, allowing for an organized, easy to navigate, and user-friendly system. Known for their service-oriented operations, iApplicants will custom-tailor their service to your individual or business needs. With a dedicated account manager and support team, you will be guaranteed the best service on the market today. Not only does iApplicants track your applications, it goes a step further:

  • Attracts the right job seekers
  • Converts them into applicants
  • Screens those who don’t fit the job description
  • Integrated and automated phone screening
  • Integrated assessments & background checks
  • Shares the applicants with managers
  • Applicant reporting
  • Pricing that won’t break the budget

Investing in this software will ensure the application process goes smoothly and without issues.

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Among the 3 tools & apps every HR manager should have is Screenie. This software is invaluable in improving the hiring process. One of the many features Screenie provides is it’s complete availability. Job seekers can use their mobile device or tablet to start the interviewing process, and in turn, employers can review and rate prospective applicants while they’re sitting down for coffee. Also, Screenie is available on any browser, including IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Other great features of Screenie includes a branded, customizable interview portal such as introductions to communicate your company message, a portal with your own domain and logo, and building brand awareness while improving the interviewing and hiring process. Screenie also allows you to create your own interview questions, customize the best start times and deadlines, and save the questions into groups or positions so each set of questions never have to be duplicated.

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Last, but not least, this new onboarding hiring software tackles the issue of too much paper, and instead, creates a completely paperless system which is compatible with any mobile device. Hiring paperwork is compiled into an organized, easy to use eHireform. In five easy steps, the employee has completed the new hire form and the employer can quickly access it, review it and make crucial decisions easily and with less time wasted. Once reviewed, it can then be filed away, ensuring paper forms are a thing of the past.

eHireforms will make your job easier by preventing the risk of incomplete forms, saving you and your company time and money. Other benefits of eHireforms include:

  • eVerify Integration – allows for HR managers to quickly access verification for employees once paperwork has been completed
  • Safety and security – All employee information is password protected and encrypted
  • Less time wasted – less filing, less questions on paperwork, and less stress relating to onboarding
  • Less paper produced, saving money and helping the environment
  • Happy new hires that are not rushed to fill out forms
  • More time for you to focus on more important tasks

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Implementing these 3 tools and apps every HR manager should have can make your job easier and reduce your workload, creating a win-win for everyone.

Author Bio: Ryan Kohler is an HR Consultant that’s passionate about helping hiring managers and recruiters simplify the hiring process.  

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