3 Ways to Create a Unified Front in the Workplace

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A happy office environment can easily be stifled by boring work, bad management and solidarity; the latter being the most difficult to overcome. Working in a cubicle can be unbearable, especially when your employees feel unnoticed and uninvolved. A study done by Gallup-Healthways Well Being Index showed that work environment happiness is down to 47% in 2011, from 51.4% in 2008.

Whether you choose to involve your employees through team building or planning office events, it’s important that you do so.  Instead of relying on the classic ice breaker routine and annual Christmas party gathering, consider some more creative options.

“Team Building in the workplace is vital as it enables better communication, better relationships and ultimately increases productivity. Valued, respected, motivated employees commit themselves to go the extra mile to meet and exceed organizational expectations.”

Sponsor a race

Sponsoring a race can take minimal effort on the part of your business. Races are always looking to get community support, and this is a way you can do that while backing a group function at the same time. This gives your employees a variety of ways to connect on a level outside of office talk. This gives employees a way to support one another and presents the opportunity for you to promote the company.

  • Send around training schedules, and encourage your employees to run together during lunch or share their progress.

Community service

Another way to support your local community and create a team experience is to sign up for community service. Company volunteer projects lead to job fulfillment, team building and better communication between employees and upper management, according to Volunteermatch.org.

  • Organize an event on company time, once a month. Allowing your employees to get out of the office, and get paid to help the community will lead to greater job satisfaction.

Group Goals

While this may not be the most creative suggestion, it is one that allows employees to communicate freely during the workday, and is easily administered. Putting work groups together for office related projects is beneficial for both the company and the individual employees.

  • For the company, putting more than one head together, allows for great brainstorming and more risk taking. An employee that would normally have one idea is now inundated with them as communication flows.
  • Chron.com suggests, “Working individually sometimes creates a sense of isolation and makes employees feel as if they have no one else behind them. The support of the team environment helps some employees increase productivity and become more motivated at work,”

Creating a supportive environment where your employees can come together within and outside of the office walls is beneficial to you and your employees. Greater job satisfaction leads to higher retention rates, better work production and, overall, a happier work environment.

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