3 Ways To Save Money with Virtual Employees

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virtual employeesAs a small business, having a virtual tenancy at a large business par, or hiring a virtual receptionist to answer your calls can be of huge value to your business.

These are cost effective ways to ensure that you have all of the necessities for your company without actually having to spend the money or the time putting the physical business infrastructure into place.

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However, there is more to this virtual business structure than just a virtual office and receptionist; opting to staff your company through virtual employees can really save you a great deal of money as well.

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1. The recruitment process

This can be a huge expense for a company, especially if you’re a small business. What with all of the costs of simply advertising a job, then having to set up numerous face-to-face interviews with the chosen candidates (and if you don’t have an office you will need to hire a meeting room to host these interviews in) – and that’s not even including the office space they will take up once you have hired them.

2. Less Expenses

Virtual employees don’t need office furniture, computers, printers…. With them working from home or their own personal office you will save a fortune on the items you would need just to get them set up to actually do the work.

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3. Special Projects

Taking on temporary or project-based virtual employees is a really cost effective way to get the work done without having to commit to a full-time or even part time salary. You can literally just hire the staff for the work you need, and during those inevitable quiet periods you don’t have to worry about paying for an employee who hasn’t actually got any work to do.

Whilst it’s true that there are certain businesses that cannot do without having in-house staff – not to mention the fact that you really can’t replace the hype and energetic culture that is created within an office environment, there is still much to be said for using virtual employees as a start-up or small business. You are guaranteed to save your business a fortune by opting to take your business online, employees and all, especially whilst you grow and develop the business.

Bio: As a business improvement expert, Sean McPheat is asked to help companies to improve their sales, management and HR teams through consulting, coaching and training. Sean is the Managing Director of the MTD Training group and you can follow Sean online here for more tips and advice on how to boost your business.  


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