4 Characteristics of A Successful Entrepreneur

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new business ownerEntrepreneurs come from all different backgrounds yet they share common personality characteristics making it easy to decipher them from the typical employee. They aren’t driven by paychecks or workplace stability, they like adventure and they certainly aren’t afraid to take a swing and miss. They understand the value of mistakes and use these as ammo to improve their system and catapult themselves into success.

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As most people are striving to stay in between the lines and mark their success by a mental “x” they have created, entrepreneurs embark outside the lines and realize that success for them isn’t a bar to reach for but a constant evolution. Here are 4 personality traits that make entrepreneurs different from the rest of us:

1. Quickness

Being quick has nothing to do with the pace at which they run or the speed at which they talk. It means having the gull to make decisions, direct people, redirect people when the direction you gave doesn’t pan out, change course, and navigate quickly. They do not have the luxury of mulling over decisions for weeks on end. Entrepreneurs need to have the ability to jump head first into their endeavors before they have all of their plans aligned. They need to start knocking down barriers before they even know what is behind them. Quick…quick thinking, quick decision making, and being able to quickly grasp the big picture even as it continues to change.

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2. Drive

Drive is such a general word but it is a characteristic that can’t be overlooked when talking about entrepreneurs. There are some characteristics that you can train yourself to pick up over time but drive isn’t one of them. You have it or you don’t. If you don’t, entrepreneurship will be an endeavor completely over your head. Being driven doesn’t mean you will succeed every time, but it does mean that you are willing to take chances and step up to the plate. The more drive you have, the better your chances are of succeeding as an entrepreneur. A good question to ask yourself before you start your own business would be: Do I have enough drive to see this through the ups and downs? If the answer is “maybe”, find another path. So ask yourself, are you driven? It must be a definitive “yes”.

3. Creativity

When people think creativity they often picture designers, writers, or artists. In truth, succeeding in business takes an enormous amount of creativity. Entrepreneurs have the ability to think outside of the box. They don’t just see what is in front of them, they have the vision to look past it and see what it could become. Another way this characteristic helps entrepreneurs is through their unmatchable ability to utilize limited resources. Entrepreneurs are excellent at utilizing others’ talents in order to help their business operate. They don’t see job titles or past experience as the most important aspect of an employee’s worth. Instead they focus on a person’s strengths and how those strengths can be used to plug holes in the business plan. They are unconventional, comfortable with change, and capable of turning an ordinary idea into something truly innovative.

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4. Perseverance

This is perhaps the most predictable characteristic of an entrepreneur mainly because it is so vital. To be a successful entrepreneur you absolutely have to have perseverance. Business is all about ebb and flow and handling those transitional periods and waves means having a thick skin and being able to withstand the harshest of times. Many entrepreneurs would tell you they learned the most about how to be successful from mistakes they had made in the past. These failures that they endured are a lot of times what leads to their success the second time around. An ordinary person may think that learning from your mistakes means not repeating history twice. For instance, you tried to start a business; it flopped, so you vowed to never make the mistake of starting a business again! Not an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur would use this failure as an education on how to do it better the next time.

If you think you have these four characteristics, it may be time to reevaluate your day job. The world of entrepreneurship awaits and the success rate is much better for those who possess these skills ahead of time. So, what are you waiting for?

About the Author: Amber Schmechel is a business writer who focuses on topics such as branding, logos, and entrepreneurship.  She is the Public Relations Director at www.LogoGarden.com.

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