4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Office’s Productivity

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4 ways to increase office productivity As a manager, you have to worry about the company’s bottom line, which means making sure that all of your employees are as productive as possible. The occasional urge to procrastinate is understandable, and part what makes us human, it shouldn’t become an issue in the office, where more productivity equals out to more revenue. Sometimes you have to take the hard road and remove any temptations to make the office more efficient and your employees more successful.

Clean, Organize, and Rearrange your Office

The first key to optimizing your office’s productivity is making your office efficient. Your office cannot be efficient if you spend more time trying to locate files and information than actually discussing issues and making decisions.

Eliminate duplicate files in filing cabinets and on your computer’s hard drive, and within the stacks of paper on your desk. This will reduce confusion and time you’d otherwise use looking for them. One idea to take into consideration is to plan an office cleanup and organizational hour at the beginning of every month. This will ensure ongoing organization and efficiency so things don’t start to clutter and pile up.

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While employees are taking care of their personal spaces, you can reorganize the office to run more proficiently. If you have to walk to the other end of the office every time you need to print something or get some water, you’re probably wasting a lot of time and personal energy.

If you only have one printer, place it in a centrally located area. If you have two, place them on each side of the office. The same goes with trash receptacles if they are far away from your employee’s desks.

Intra-business Competition

Competition between businesses make them stronger and weed out the weak ones. The same goes for employees within companies. Competition among employees is a great way to motivate and empower them. If you’re running a small business, simple monthly contests that involve rewarding the employees who generate the best sales figures, or who gets the best feedback, etc. is always a fun idea. You can reward them with things like paid time off or a bonus. It could do wonders for increasing productivity, and will also shine a light on those who are struggling to keep up with the others.

The same goes if you have a larger company. Make the most competent and loyal employees team managers, and have them lead and be accountable for their teams’ productivity relative to the other teams, and as before, reward the best teams. This builds comradery within the team and can also help lift employees who aren’t performing as well as the others, in turn, making them more productive.

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Block Time-Wasting Websites

Nobody is immune to procrastination. These days, people procrastinate on the Internet more than anywhere else. Between playing around on social media and browsing online shops, it’s easy to lose great gaps of time in the middle of a slow day. As the person in charge, you need to erase the temptation—even if it’s not a popular decision. Using restrictive software or other controls, your best bet will probably involve blocking notorious time-wasting websites on the office computers.

Some managers choose to block all the social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, along with popular merchants, such as Amazon and eBay. Others lock down any websites that aren’t necessary for the job itself. In addition to reducing wasted time, this will also decrease the risk of your employees falling victim to one of the many types of ID theft. They won’t buy things on company time and risk credit fraud or theft. Take into consideration your company’s attitude and culture before opting to block sites from your employees. You could send the wrong message by blocking their access to sites.

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Keep Your Goals Realistic

Setting goals is an important aspect of any successful business. You have to have goals pertaining to the amount of product you sell, the amount of new leads you generate, the number of return customers you get, and so on. However, you don’t want to demotivate your employees by setting impossible goals. If they fail to meet their goals repeatedly, they’ll begin to feel defeated. Killing the morale around your office could have a profound effect on productivity.

Set realistic goals that benefit the business. Does the number of employees who fail to meet their goals increase each quarter? That’s a red flag that you’re asking too much. Look at the numbers, look at your employees’ performances, and ask yourself if you’re being fair. If it’s a widespread problem, changes are necessary; if it only happens to a few people, then maybe some new training will help.

By increasing productivity in a way that motivates your employees, you’ll notice immediate, positive improvements. Stand firm while displaying appreciation. Your employees – and your bottom line — will thank you.

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