4 Reasons Why Building Your Brand Never Stops

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business brandingTo remain a thought-leader in any field, you must consistently “refresh” your expertise to produce current, relevant content. Markets, like individuals, have specific tastes, desires, and needs that change and shift as time passes.

While you may be satisfied with the amount of customers you have now, you don’t want to get too comfortable. Here’s what you’ll need to do to ensure your customer base doesn’t leave you for the next best thing.

1. Continuously produce original content.

Notice I said produce original content, and not just produce content.

Anyone can whip up three paragraphs about how good they are at social media and throw it up on their website. Having a blog is no longer enough. As more and more people push their brands online, it has inevitably become more difficult to bring truly original ideas to the table. You have to be a step ahead of the game.

Good brands become great brands when they attract an allegiant group of followers. Great brands get followers by composing cutting-edge content. That’ll mean looking forward.

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2. Make some predictions

If you’re a true thought-leader, you’ll have to look into your industry’s crystal ball and make some predictions. Look at the news. Look at trends. How will specific current events impact your market? How will recent cultural shifts change your area of expertise?

Don’t be afraid to make a guess and stir up some conversation. New predictions often lead to controversy. Fortunately for you, some of the world’s best innovations have stemmed from well-constructed arguments. If you’re right more than you’re wrong, people will come to you for answers.

3. Now, find some third-party accreditation.

Internet users see online publications as filters, and for good reason. When people are bombarded with information, they seek credibility from online third-party sources. It could be the exact same information as your blog, but when it’s in the right publication, people are more likely to see you as a thought-leader.

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4. Don’t forget to change your brand as your goals change.

Things happen. Projects fail. Companies pivot. As the focus in your company changes, you make have to tweak your image to keep things aligned. You don’t want to brand yourself as an expert in ABC, when it’s obvious the focus of your company is now on XYZ.

The business world is moving at top speed, and as you’re learning new things within your industry, your brand should evolve, as well. Constantly “refreshing” your image online can be a continuous task, but it’s the only way to stay in the game. Branding isn’t about how much you’ve done in the past; it’s about what you’re doing today. Keep that mindset, and you’ll quickly notice positive results.

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Bio: Zach Beattie is the Director of Professional Branding at Digital Talent Agents. He has had experience with several startups and now helps professionals and thought-leaders build credibility and exposure online. 

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