4 Steps to Turning Your Business Blog Around

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blogging tipsHave you hit a wall in your business blogging?  Does it seem like your readers are no longer interested?  It’s ok to admit that your blogging efforts have become a bit stale; just as in life- in blogging there is always room for improvements.  Read on to discover 4 creative yet simple ways to turn your business blogging around, wake up your readers and even capture some new ones.

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Stop Pushing Back Publishing

You know you need to blog but unfortunately that’s not the only demand your business is barking at you.  Customers, employees and vendors have much louder voices than your blogging platform.  It’s understandable then that when Friday afternoon rolls around you can usually find yourself scrambling to produce some kind- any kind of post.

These issues are not going to disappear and no one is expecting you to make a business blog your top priority.  However it’s safe to admit that scrambled Friday post is coming up as anything but inspired.  Turn things around by simply jotting quick notes at the end of each day (you could even text them to yourself).

Your notes should comment on that day’s specific challenge, customer complaints that you had to deal with or issues that your employees wanted you to address.  A quick activity like this will ensure that when it is time to post, you already have a list of relevant ideas and inspirations to work with.

Drawing from your own experience will not only make for insightful posts, but it will also help you connect with your online audience.  Readers are on the lookout for both personality and personal insights.  Being willing to share parts of yourself with readers affords them the opportunity to get to know you- and hopefully to grow to like and trust you.  Not to mention, personal insight ensures unique content as no other online platform can duplicate your specific experience.

Dare Yourself

Do you really want to turn your business blog around?  Then as your blog manager you’ve got to awaken inspiration and ingenuity within yourself. Make an effort to change your habits and expand your education.  Test out that new leadership style or attend that upcoming seminar; the more you expose yourself to new things the more interesting topics you’ll be able to report on.

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Don’t worry about looking bad in the midst of trying something new.  As important as it is to provide expert, sound advice, sharing lessons learned from your failures can be teaching and telling as well.  According to Lisa Wright (MSc Sport Psychology), we all have a personal theory relating to achievement.  If you can develop your understanding to perceive fumbles as opportunities to educate and inform readers, then everybody wins.  Plus, readers appreciate being on a journey with a blog owner.  Giving off a humbled sense of experimentation will excite readers to come back and see what you’re up to next.

Amp Up The Interaction

It goes without saying that you need to have an open comments section on your blog.  However it’s a good idea to encourage interaction by posing questions back to your readers at the end of each and every post.

While readers can interact via your comment section, it’s also wise to provide them with opportunities to share.  Create add-on buttons for your blog so that readers can click and promote via Facebook and Twitter.  People love to deliver insightful and interesting articles to their followers, as it allows them to nourish relationships while fulfilling the desire to communicate with others.   Not only will these add-ons make your site more interactive, but they’ll pave a path back to your blog for new audience members to follow.

Peruse and Promote

Another way to turn your business blogging around is to look beyond your own pages.  Seek out other posts that you genuinely enjoy or took something away from and start commenting yourself. Not only do honest and insightful comments give back to the blogging community, but you never know when a click on your comment will lead another blog’s audience member to your site.

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Also, just because you manage your blog doesn’t mean you need to only promote your point of view.  Seek out other industry leaders that you think could add something to your audience experience.  See if you can promote their work and current contributions in exchange for an interview-turned-blog-post.

Most readers will be delighted to experience your content in a new format.  According to Abby Woodward (Brafton.com), a diverse content mix widens your scope for attracting and appealing to different kinds of audience members.  Not to mention, your interviewee will likely invite some of his or her own following over to your blog party.

What other steps can you take to turn your business blogging around?

About the author: Kelly Gregorio writes about blogging trends and tips while working at Advantage Capital Funds, a provider of merchant cash advances. You can read her daily business blog here.

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