4 Steps Towards Sales Optimization

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sales team best practicesSales leaders, from large and small businesses alike, are often challenged with hiring, training and supporting their sales teams as they look for ways to make their sales processes more efficient. The right roles, team and tools can help you optimize your sales force. A recent study by Aberdeen took a look at what top performing sales teams do to generate consistent and sustainable revenue for their businesses. There are 4 steps you can take in your own business to optimize your sales team’s success rates.

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Define Roles

Aberdeen found that best-in-class companies are 31% more likely than all others to avoid deploying a monochromatic hiring or training methodology across their business. Top performing organizations understand that there are various roles, and therefore a need for various hiring methodologies. Inside sales, outside sales, national sales, and regional sales are just a few of the examples of the many types of sales roles that can be filled.

  • Steps You Can Take: Take a look at where your target audience is and what types of calls your sales team typically handles. This can help you define roles your sales organization is in need of.

Find the Right Seller

Just as there is no one-size fits all solution with role definition, there’s no one-size fits all salesperson personality and background. Each role that you’ve defined will be a best fit for a particular person. The right people can make all the difference. Sales leaders are often able to identify which potential candidates will be the most successful. However, those who are just beginning to build their sales teams, are new to role-driven hiring, or have launched a new product may need some guidance.

  • Tip: Take a look at your top performers within each sales role. Are there any trends in terms of work experience, personality, etc. that leads to greater success within those roles? If so, look for those same things for new hires.

Develop a Formal Review Process

As with every aspect of a business, proving an investment is worth the cost is a must. While you may think this just applies to tools and marketing investments, it also applies to the people you hire. In sales, this is especially true. Companies with a formal review process report an average annualized team attainment of sales quota of 69%, a report that’s 10% higher than organizations that do not.

  • Tip: Don’t just focus on revenue attained or deals closed when developing your review process. Take a look at customer satisfaction as well. Deals closed could indicate high numbers of new clients, but high customer satisfaction can indicate return revenue.

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Implement the Right Tools

The right CRM or sales software, continuous training and alignment with your marketing team are just a few of the tools your sales team needs to be successful. Training and alignment with the rest of the company are invaluable tools that your sales team can’t go without. Your sales software can also make an impact with response time and customer experience, so look for the tools that will make your team the most successful.

  • Tip: After each training session, whether it’s for sales techniques or software use, evaluate the long-term effectiveness of these types of initiatives to ensure your team is getting the most out of each. You won’t know if something is working or not without proper evaluation.

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To ensure your sales team is performing at their peak consistently, make sure you’re fulfilling these 4 steps. Asking them directly will also allow you to determine what it is they need to be the most successful. Define your sellers’ roles, hire the right people, develop a formal review process and provide your team with the tools they need to see greater success from your sales force.

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