4 Ways Tablets Create a Better Sales Presentation

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tablet salesIn-person sales presentations are no longer just a conversation. Sales personnel have to find new, efficient ways to engage their busy audiences without rushing through important details. Every industry and every business have to make sales in order to be successful. In-person presentations allow sales professionals to connect with their prospects on a more personal level than they would be able to if the conversation were over the phone or via email. So just how can a sales representative make their presentation more dynamic? The answer here is tablets. Here’s how tablets can help you deliver a better sales presentation.

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Impressive First Impression

Having the latest technology can generate a great first impression for your team in front of prospects. Your one chance to make a first impression can be elevated with the use of a tablet. In the past, a customer requesting information that isn’t often used could mean scheduling a future call, moving that possible purchase even further away. With tablets, even if it’s a first meeting, sales reps have everything they, and the customer, need when they need it. This always-prepared approach leads to a better first impression.

Interactive and Informative Pitches

Pitches have to be powerful to gain, and retain, the attention of prospects. Aberdeen found that 23% of businesses meet team sales quotes when employing a sales mobility strategy (Tweet this stat!). Practicing delivering a pitch beforehand is a must and it’s especially the case when tablets are involved. Sales pros will be able to deliver more interactive pitches featuring the information most relevant to the customer. A multi-app approach or an easily updated pitch template that can be tied to the needs of the customer on-the-fly can lead to more targeted, informative pitch deliveries. Tablets also allow for greater engagement between the sales rep and potential client as the entire experience becomes more interactive.

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Dynamic Content Delivery

According to CSO Insights, more than 90% of sales orgs have started to invest in tablets as sales tools—and over 70% are already seeing positive ROI (Tweet this stat!). Tablets can allow your marketing team to see what content sales team is using. Frequent use of a particular piece of content could indicate that your sales team finds it valuable in nurturing a prospect or turning that prospect into a paying customer. Tablets also allow sales professionals to deliver that valuable content in multiple ways, suiting the customer’s preference, from a single device.

On-Site Sales Quotes

The ability to deliver on-site quotes and accept digital signatures make selling on the go easier than ever before. You’ll be able to instantly provide your prospect with quotes, in an easy to read and digest format. Sometimes, the ability to immediately enter their information, needs and see what’s in stock or available to meet those can lead to a closed deal. Having things ready in client-facing situations enables sales team to deliver accurate information, including quotes, that ensure their presentations is seamless and less likely to have an error when it comes to product/service information and pricing.

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Sales presentations play a major role in someone’s decision about whether or not they will do business with you. A great demo or trial can lead to a firm yes, while an error in a quote or a poor presentation can lead to a definitive no. Help your sales team become more mobile and more dynamic by equipping them with tablets that allow them to deliver engaging presentations with ease.

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