4G: The Next Generation of Wireless Communications

Posted by on February 23, 2010 in Business News, Phone Systems [ 1 Comment ]

Tech-savvy consumers are constantly looking for the next big thing and for many, it is the next generation wireless network, 4G.  Sprint has announced plans to offer phones that can operate on the ultra-fast 4G network by as early as summer 2010. This new system promises speeds 10 times faster than existing networks with improved sound quality. The system is already up and running with many companies already utilizing the network for their business’s services.

As AT&T and Verizon battle for market share on TV, Sprint is using the opportunity to capitalize on the new network to get a head start on the market.  They have been working on the phone systems for over four years and want to be the first in establishing strong market share once the 4G network goes large scale. In the past few years, Sprint has fallen to the number three cell phone provider nationwide, so they are looking to get back in the game in a big way.

To compete with Sprint, Verizon is using a proactive approach for the creation of their 4G network. An example is open development, where third party manufacturers can submit their devices for certification on the network. They also host a forum to encourage innovation for the system and ensure compatibility for both new software and products alike. With AT&T having no 4G plans for 2010, it looks like it may be a showdown between Sprint and Verizon.

These developments are stirring up the smart phone world as increased speeds will unlock the possibility of new innovations to make communications easier and faster than ever before. In a highly connected world, it will be the next big step for technology as communications become more and more integrated into our society.

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